The 11 Best 3PL Companies in Illinois

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Brandon Rollins


March 18, 2024


March 18, 2024

Need help fulfilling your eCommerce orders in the Midwest? These are the best 3PLs in Illinois to help you with all your order fulfillment needs.
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Illinois is an excellent state to choose for your order fulfillment needs. Located in the middle of the US, packages leaving the state can arrive at their destination, in many cases, within a day. The state has a large road network and good airport infrastructure, making it a hotspot for order fulfillment.

In addition to that, Illinois is also home to Chicago, the third-largest metropolitan area in the United States and the largest one in the middle of the country. Fulfillment centers in the state, are therefore not only close to this giant metro area but many others in the US and Canada.

Read more about warehousing and 3PLs in Chicago.

For this reason, it can be hard to pick the best 3PL for your company. has done the work for you to determine which 3PLs in the state of Illinois are worth your time and money, so you can spend your time growing your company and satisfying your customers. 

1. Amazon FBA: Shippable

Shippable is specifically designed for high-quality service and lightning fast Amazon prep. Shippable’s Amazon FBA-specific services include FNSKU labeling, bundling/kitting, polybagging/bubblewrapping, carton forwarding, and pallet storage.

Shippable can also support big & bulky items, nutraceuticals, and automotive parts. Their handling/storage offerings include secure storage, FTL & LTL, transloading, cross-docking, and longterm storage.

Key Advantages 

  • Specifically built by Amazon FBA for Amazon FBA
  • Solutions for big & bulky and automotives

Website: Shippable

2. Consumables: Alpine Fulfillment

Small but mighty, Alpine Fulfillment has a key focus on consumables. Alpine clients range from projects as small as indie Kickstarter fulfillment to as large as Fortune 500 companies. This speaks volumes about Alpine Fulfillment’s capabilities at finding unique solutions for clients of all sizes. 

In addition to 24/7 customer service, Alpine Fulfillment is able to provide you with network analysis through their supply chain diagnostic. Clients are able to fully understand their total costs and find shipping inefficiencies to resolve and improve the bottom line. 

Specialty solutions include food & beverage, CBD, nutraceuticals, raw materials. Alpine is also able to provide clients with secure storage and humidity control. 

Key Advantages 

  • Proprietary tools, co-packer and supplier selection, and humidity control  
  • Focus on consumer packaged goods, and apparel and lifestyle products
  • Clients include Starbucks Coffee, Circle Kombucha, Gatorade 

Website: Alpine Fulfillment 

3. Cold & Frozen Fulfillment: Coldchain3pl

Based out of Chicago, Coldchain3pl boasts a state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot warehouse that is prepared to ship frozen, cold, and dry products. In addition to their cold and frozen fulfillment specialty, Coldchain3pl can also support traditional 3PL services such as kitting & assembly, subscription boxes, branded packaging, B2B fulfillment, and Amazon FBA Prep. 

From a handling and storage perspective, Coldchain3pl can provide customers with temperature-controlled and cold storage opinions, as well as secure storage, FTL & LTL, and cross-docking. Shipment go out every day, including weekends, and there are no minimum order requirements. 

Key Advantages

  • Specializes in Cold Chain fulfillment of food & beverages 
  • No minimum order requirement
  • Also provides traditional 3PL services 

Website: Coldchain3pl 

4. Name Recognition: ShipBob

ShipBob needs no introduction. Sitting at 370,000 capacity, this fulfillment behemoth has made its name in the industry by providing clients with top tiered customer service, personalized unboxing experiences, and a “best-in-class supply chain solution”. 

ShipBob offers a full suite of eCommerce fulfillment services ranging from kitting & assembly to subscription boxes to special project requests. ShipBob is also able to ship trickier categories of items, including food & beverage, CBD, nutraceuticals, raw materials, publishing, and even FDA approved products. 

Key Advantages 

  • Name recognition 
  • 5 warehouses across the United States

Website: ShipBob 

5. Largest Network: Mainfreight 

A major power player in the fulfillment industry, Mainfreight takes full advantage of its massive network. There are 8,000 global team members, 316 branches, and 26 countries involved in this intricate fulfillment network that Mainfreight has built. 

Mainfreight can handle most of their clients’ supply chains starting from picking up inventory after manufacturing all the way to shipping out orders. For companies seeking a single partner to handle most of their supply chain concerns, Mainfreight is an excellent choice.

Key Advantages

  • Great all-in-one service for freight, transportation, and warehousing.
  • Multiple locations throughout the world.
  • In business for 44 years and counting.
  • Over 300 branches worldwide.

Website: Mainfreight

6. Scalable: Zipscale Fulfillment

Zipscale Fulfillment is a relatively new member of the 3PL industry, but has already grown to having 2 warehouses in Illinois. Mirroring their own growth, Zipscale works with brands to help them drive profitable, scalable, and long term sales through partnership and brand new technology. 

Zipscale Fulfillment can practically do it all. Their fulfillment services are full service, their ecommerce channels include all the big players, and they are able to fulfill all traditional ecommerce products. From a specialty solutions perspective, Zipscale Fulfillment is able to fulfill big & bulky, hazmat, food & beverage, nutraceuticals, raw materials, publishing, FDA Approved products, and even automotive parts. 

From a storage handling & storage perspective, Zipscale Fulfillment supports secure storage FTL & LTL, transloading, temperature control, and humidity control. 

Key Advantages 

  • Can fulfillment a wide range of products, including Hazmat, automotive parts, and FDA Approved products
  • Temperature & Humidity control
  • Ship everyday, including weekends, and provide full customer support 

Website: ZipScale

7. Small - Medium sized Businesses: Packdash

Built for ecommerce entrepreneurs by ecommerce entrepreneurs, the Packdash dual warehouse system is a great solution for small to medium sized businesses looking for a fulfillment partner. With a key focus on communication and smart tech, Packdash is equipped for full service ecommerce fulfillment, connected to all the major channels, and is even able to support a wide variety of specialty solutions.

Have handling and storage needs? Packdash can assist with that too. 

Key Advantages 

  • Made for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs specifically in the ecommerce space 
  • Wide ranging specialty solutions, including hazmat, automotive, and FDA Approved products
  • Handling & Storage solutions include temperate control and humidity control

Website: PackDash 

8. Direct-to-Consumer: Badger Fulfillment Group

Specializing in direct-to-consumer shipping, Badger Fulfillment applies that same customer-first ideal to their clients. All clients receive their own dedicated account manager, cutting down on the degrees of separation between you and your warehouse products.

Clients also have the option for same day services such as pick, pack and ship; 24 hour receiving; and 2 day shipping nationwide. International products can also have a speedy turnaround time of 2-5 shipping days. 

Key Advantages

  • Dedicated account manager 
  • 2-day guaranteed shipping cuts down on need for multiple warehouses 
  • Specializes in direct to consumer shipping 

Website: Badger Fulfillment Group 

9. White Glove Service: WSI

WSI has it all. Four warehouses in four different states, providing a nationwide network.

WSI provides a wide range of ecommerce fulfillment services, including DTC, B2B, FTL/LTL, and small parcel transportation. Not only does WSI offer its customers white glove transportation, but they are highly adept at handling hazardous materials. WSI has 4 strategically located chemical facilities that each offer “secured access, DOT, EPA, DHS, OSHA, C-TPA compliance, and full site containment.” 

Services include distribution & warehousing, contract services, traditional ecommerce and retailer fulfillment services, transload services, transportation, and third-party logistics. Their clients run the gamut in terms of industry, including building materials, chemicals, consumer goods logistics, electronics, equipment & industrial, food products, pet food, and paper. 

Key Advantages

  • White glove transportation 
  • Responsible Care Partner with the American Chemistry Council in regards to the transportation of chemicals and hazardous materials 
  • 55 years of experience

Website: WSI 

10. Proprietary Software: Shipfusion

With a focus on technology driven solutions, Shipfusion provides its high-volume customers with end-to-end fulfillment and a variety of storage and specialty solutions, in addition to standard full service fulfillment options. Proprietary software provides clients with full visibility into their fulfillment, and it is integrated at the warehouse level, providing complete control over their operations. 

Shipfusion provides both direct to consumer and wholesale fulfillment, connects with all the major e-commerce channels, and even offers cold storage solutions in addition to a large suite of other storage solutions. 

Key Advantages:

  • Specializes in customers with 1,000+ volumes
  • Offers cold storage solutions
  • Proprietary software gives clients complete control over their warehouse operations

Website: Shipfusion

11. On-Demand Delivery: Skander Logistics Corp

Skander Logistics Corp buckets out their services into warehousing, distribution, and on-demand delivery. Their 500,000 sq ft bonded and insured warehouse is equipped with technology allowing customers to trace inventory and have peace of mind. Services include labeling, reworking, wrapping, kiting, palletizing, packaging, pick & pack, physical inventory, and sub-assembly. They are able to support small parcel e-commerce, food products, bulky furniture, and even equipment. 

Regarding distribution, Skander Logistics Corp is not afraid to distribute challenging items. Machine/auto parts, medical samples, furniture/white-glove, small parcel e-commerce orders, and palletized perishables D2B are all items that Skander Logistics is ready to distribute. Deliveries can be both FTL & LTL. 

Lastly, Skander Logistics Corp understands the importance of timely delivery, which is why they boast parcel/freight pick up within a 15-30 minute window, and a specified delivery window with no stops or combined with other shipments. 

Key Advantages

  • Bulky and specialty solutions
  • White glove distribution services
  • On-demand delivery 365 days a year

Website: Skande Logistics Corp 

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Most companies will have the ability to submit requests for quotes on their website. But you need to contact multiple 3PLs to find the right one, and that's a repetitive process.

Want to skip the repetition? Get in touch with and we'll help you start your search free of charge.

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