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Request your custom 3PL search and get matched with select verified US and Global fulfillment centers. Easily compare warehouse services with the help of a logistics specialist, so you can pick your next fulfillment center with confidence. Just tell us about your company and we’ll find the best 3PLs for you, for free.

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3 Simple Steps



Share Your Fulfillment Needs

Specify your company vertical, product quantities, order volume, and warehouse requirements. We'll then conduct a short discovery call to understand the unique factors around your fulfillment center search. After that your personal search will be underway.


Meet With Top Candidates

We comb through our directory and curate a list of the most qualified 3PL companies for your brand. From there, we notify the fulfillment centers that have been selected for the RFP and begin your quoting process.


Select Your Best Partner

We help you compare your options to develop a complete and fully informed view of each proposal. With our help, you will identify your preferred 3PL company and secure ideal pricing leveraging our comprehensive data on market rates.

Partner With Vetted 3PLs

We vet each of the 600+ fulfillment centers with regards to customer support, service, pricing, and business history.

Every Industry

From hazmat, to big and bulky, or cold storage - there is a fulfillment center just for you. We help you find the right fulfillment centers so you only spend time choosing from the best.

Every Channel

Whether you sell online, in-store, retail, or B2B, our fulfillment centers have the tech, knowledge, and support to make sure your items are shipped on time, every time.

Every Product

Work with boutique fulfillment centers specializing in niches like Apparel, Nutraceuticals, Beauty, Home, and more. Whatever you sell, we have fulfillment centers to help you ship it.

Work With Experts In Fulfillment Solutions was founded by brand owners and 3PL specialists who know what a great 3PL, warehouse, and fulfillment center look like. We connect you with an unbiased set of warehouses best suited to serve your needs.

Each business is different, just like each 3PL is different. We're here to assist you in finding the best warehouse and fulfillment center, working to answer any questions you might have, and ensuring a smooth transition to your better 3PL partner.

How It Works

Tell Us About Your Company

Share your company details, including industry, number of SKU's, warehouse requirements, order volume and general preferences with your advisor.

We Identify Top Fulfillment Centers

Searching through our global 3PL directory, your advisor will identify the fulfillment centers that match your specific warehouse requirements and services.

You Receive Proposals and Choose The Best

Your approved 3PL companies will submit full proposals for your review. Your advisor will compare all options with you, introduce you to the candidates, and help you select the best partner.

Frequently Asked

Who is eligible to apply for’s Marketplace?

Any company looking for fulfillment services is welcome to apply. Save time and resources by letting our team of experts do the research for you.

Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?

Our Marketplace is completely free of charge.

Fulfillment centers in our 3PL directory agree to pay a small commission for any customer signed through our Marketplace. You pay us nothing.

Am I obliged to work with any of the selected 3PLs? commits to recommending the best partner for your business based on the company requirements and our initial call with you.

However, this doesn’t mean you are required to work with any of our selected 3PL companies.

If you decide after the initial exploratory call with your candidates not to partner with them, you are not bound by any requirements.

Important: Marketplace (, must be CC’ed in all communications between brands and 3PLs. We are here to support both parties during the process.

When can I expect to receive proposals from the 3PL companies?

After the initial call with your advisor, you can expect to receive proposals from candidates in 5-7 business days along with our recommendations.

What options are available to keep my brand anonymous?

In case you would like to keep your company and product details private, you can request a signed NDA form from all of the shortlisted fulfillment centers.