Fulfill.com Marketplace FAQs

What is the Fulfill.com Marketplace?

The Fulfill.com Marketplace connects qualified brands with verified 3PLs for different solutions such as e-commerce fulfillment, retail fulfillment, final mile, business to business shipments, packaging, general warehousing services, to name a few.

In other words, our team of logistics experts help brands find the right 3PL for their company as well as helping 3PLs find the brands they can partner with long term.

How does the Fulfill.com Marketplace work?

To ensure we recommend only the most qualified 3PLs for a brand, we take several careful steps from brand vetting to 3PL shortlisting and more.

Each Marketplace submission goes through:

Step 1: Brand Review

Fulfill.com only lists thoroughly vetted 3PL needs from e-commerce to retail brands.

To approve their request, each brand completes a:

3PL Request Form to submit an official request for proposals

– Agreement Form. After we review and accept the project, we request that each brand signs an agreement form to ensure the information they provided is accurate and to commit to reviewing the 3PLs Fulfill.com recommends.

Step 2: Shortlisting Verified 3PLs

Once we have verified and listed a 3PL search, our team of logistics experts browses through our network of top-rated 3PLs to find the best match.

We only shortlist candidates from our pool of verified 3PLs, reviewing their expertise, rates, portfolio and other information to find 3PLs that satisfy the search criteria.

Once the best 3PL candidates are shortlisted, the Fulfill.com Marketplace team invites them to bid for the client.

Step 3: 3PL Bidding

The Fulfill.com Marketplace team sends the shortlisted 3PLs a bidding invite that is valid for 72 hours.

Each 3PL submits a complete fulfillment proposal, representing the amount they are willing to agree to in order to service the client.

Bids are compiled into a dashboard for the brand to review, while 3PLs are able to see and compare anonymous pricing submitted by other competitors on the project.

Step 4: Introduction

As soon as the bid period is closed, the Fulfill.com Marketplace team connects the shortlisted 3PLs with the brand behind the 3PL search.

The brand representatives review the 3PL submissions and conduct final round questioning of the 3PLs, alongside the Fulfill.com Marketplace team.

Step 5: 3PL Selection

The 3PL choice is ultimately that of the brand representatives. After meeting with the potential 3PL candidates, the brand will select the winner and Fulfill.com will notify all candidates on the results of the RFP.

From here, Fulfill.com will be available throughout the onboarding process as a point of reference for both brands and 3PLs alike.

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