How Kiss My Keto reduced carrier rates by 41% with Fulfill

Learn how Kiss My Keto connected with best-in-class 3PL partners using Fulfill’s matchmaking platform.

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Key notable metrics


reduction in carrier rates for 10+ lbs packages


reduction in kitting and shipping costs


hours saved during the 3PL vetting process

“If you’re a business owner and value your time and resources, connect with an intermediary like Fulfill to find the right 3PL. It will save you the time of manual outreach and the cost of making the wrong decision.”

Michael Herscu

Business Financial Manager at Kiss My Keto

Kiss My Keto is a prominent health & wellness company that specializes in keto-friendly snacks and supplements. Featured in publications like Women’s Health, Parade, and Delish, Kiss My Keto has built a legacy helping people commit to one of the healthiest diets on the planet.

Kiss My Keto spent countless hours manually searching for a new 3PL partner

Like many high-volume brands with large repeat customer bases, Kiss My Keto relies on 3PLs to keep its business running. After their previous partner couldn't keep pace with the brand's continuous demand, the team at Kiss My Keto began searching for a new 3PL that could support its continued growth.

Kiss My Keto had exacting requirements for its 3PL. It needed to be cost-effective, with ample storage and fulfillment capacity for frozen food items and a temperature-controlled facility for its heat-sensitive keto gummies. The ideal partner would also have the resources and bandwidth to kit Kiss My Keto’s products correctly and efficiently.

Finally, the team needed a 3PL with operations in the West Coast and Midwest, where many of Kiss My Keto’s co-manufacturers are located.

Michael Herscu, Business Financial Manager at Kiss My Keto, relied mostly on manual Google searches to find his ideal 3PL. However, he found this process incredibly time-consuming. Not only was it challenging to discover new 3PLs, but the vetting process also consumed at least one hour of his time per prospect. The 3PLs he spoke to were also unwilling to disclose rates upfront, making it difficult for Michael to compare costs effectively.

Frustrated with his seemingly endless web search, Michael pivoted to Fulfill to streamline his 3PL discovery journey.

“Manually searching online for a good 3PL was a tedious task. Just when you think you’ve found a good fit, red flags start popping up. Thankfully, Fulfill cut through the noise and streamlined the selection process.”

Fulfill’s vast network of best-in-class 3PL partners helps Kiss My Keto streamline the discovery process

Shortly after submitting a 3PL request to Fulfill's team, Michael received a curated list of best-in-class partners to choose from. This list included in-depth summaries of each 3PL to ensure they fit Michael's team's storage capabilities, location, and pricing criteria. 

During the selection process, Dan White, COO at Fulfill, also provided a full breakdown of fulfillment fees and Kiss My Keto's service-level agreement. This bespoke service saved Michael's team a minimum of 15 hours that would have otherwise been spent searching, contacting, and vetting countless 3PLs.

Within only one month, Kiss My Keto connected with their 3PL of choice, Brandfox, through the help of Fulfill.

“In this industry, choosing the right 3PL partner is critical – it can make or break your business. Fulfill helped us find the perfect partner in just one month, saving us time and ensuring we weren’t just picking based on sales pitches.”

Kiss My Keto reduces kitting and shipping costs by 25% with its new 3PL partner

Partnering with Fulfill helped Kiss My Keto discover the 3PL that matched its exacting needs. Since working with Fulfill-recommended Brandfox, the Kiss My Keto team has seen the following results:

  • 41% reduction in carrier rates for 10+ lbs packages
  • 25% reduction in kitting and shipping costs
  • 15 hours saved during the 3PL vetting process

As Kiss My Keto scales operations across the U.S., it’s confident that product fulfillment will remain smooth as its partnership with Brandfox continues.

“The Fulfill team helped us understand the strategy behind distributing goods across multiple 3PLs. They also helped us navigate monthly maintenance fees and our service-level agreement. Really, really thankful for our partnership.”