We are sunsetting

Fulfill.com is being sunset. That means we are not accepting any more requests for matching online retailers with fulfillment companies. Our directory website will go offline on July 24, 2020. We will also be looking to sell the domain to help recuperate some of our costs.


If you are an online retailer looking for a fulfillment companies, we recommend checking out these resources:


For more context on why we are sunsetting:


We started Fulfill.com in early 2019 to help solve the pains around discovering and partnering with fulfillment companies. While we have seen a lot of great interest and enthusiasm from fulfillment companies and online retailers alike, we have struggled to find a sustainable business model.

The way our business model worked is that we would receive a referral fee for each lead (an online retailer) that we sent to a fulfillment company. Long story short, our costs to acquire a lead were prohibitively expensive. Most times we were lucky to break even.


We tried many different ways of acquiring leads: both paid and organic. We also tried adjusting our pricing model and charging upfront for the leads. These changes helped, but they weren't enough.


The problem came down to volume. The business model could work if there's enough volume of leads. However, we weren't able to find a reliable and sustainable way to generate leads at the scale needed. Unfortunately, this led us to make the hard decision to sunset the Fulfill.com service.

I know this news may be disappointing and Iā€™m sorry that we were unable to make the business model work. I really appreciate the support and enthusiasm we received from our partners and retailers on this journey.


Please feel free to reach out at fulfilldotcom [at] gmail.com if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Kurt Heinrich
Founder, Fulfill.com