The 4 Best 3PL Companies In Florida

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August 18, 2023


June 20, 2023

Need help fulfilling your eCommerce orders in the Southeast? These are the best 3PLs in Florida to help you with all your order fulfillment needs.

Miami. Tampa. Orlando. Jacksonville. Florida is home to four of the fifty largest metro areas in the entire United States, boasting a statewide population of nearly 22 million people. For eCommerce logistics, this means a significant market to tap into. If you can ship orders to Floridians quickly, you’re going to make a lot of people happy. Not to mention that 3PLs in Florida can reach other major urban centers like Atlanta, Charlotte, Birmingham, and even Nashville quickly, providing robust shipping and logistics support.

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For this list, we’re focusing primarily on small, local 3PLs that offer comprehensive warehousing solutions and fulfillment services. These companies excel in various areas including order fulfillment, eCommerce fulfillment, third-party logistics, warehouse management, and inventory management. They also provide supply chain solutions that could be crucial to your eCommerce business.

With that in mind, we’ve selected the following 3PLs because they excel in one or more of the following areas:

  • Quality of service and/or good reviews
  • Prime warehouse locations
  • Hard-to-find value-added services

1. iLogisticsUSA

For companies seeking a well-rounded fulfillment center in the south Florida area, iLogisticsUSA is an attractive option. For one, iLogisticsUSA provides a full suite of eCommerce fulfillment services. That includes EDI and retail fulfillment, kitting and assembly, subscription boxes, branded packaging, B2B fulfillment, returns processing, Amazon FBA prep, crowdfunding fulfillment, and special project requests.

The systems provided by iLogisticsUSA also work well with most eCommerce channels. That means it is a good fit for stores running on Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or Magento. It also works well for fulfillment through other channels such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

In addition to providing a good range of services, iLogisticsUSA can provide fulfillment services for a variety of tricky niches. Big and bulky items are fair game, as are food and beverage products, wine and spirits, CBD, nutraceuticals, raw materials, published materials, and automotive parts. They are even able to handle items which require FDA approval.

Clients of iLogisticsUSA may also find their secure storage, FTL & LTL freight, cross-docking, and long-term storage solutions useful as well.

Location: Miami, FL

Key Advantages

  • Able to work with nearly any kind of merchandise.
  • Heavily focused on customer service.  
  • Lots of 5 star reviews on Google.

Website: iLogisticsUSA

2. Traffic Tech

For companies seeking an order fulfillment partner with widespread coverage in the US, Traffic Tech is an attractive option. It has four warehouses strategically located around the country - New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, and Florida. This allows for quick delivery to the northeast, southeast, and west.

Traffic Tech is a large 3PL with a host of order fulfillment services. What sets it apart from others in its category are the value-added services. Traffic Tech provides air and ocean freight services, giving you lots of options for FTL & LTL freight. That means you can have most of your supply chain operations handled by a single unified company.

For companies in need of secure or long-term storage, Traffic Tech is also a good option. They also provide transloading and cross-docking services when needed. Lastly, Traffic Tech is able to provide temperature controlled storage, which can be good for temperature-sensitive products that do not necessarily need cold storage, such as chocolate.

Location: NJ, PA, CA, FL

Key Advantages

  • Multiple offices located throughout the world.
  • Four warehouses throughout the country.
  • Also provides air and ocean freight services.

Website: Traffic Tech

3. Universal Fulfillment

Many 3PLs have been started within the last decade due to the boom in eCommerce. For those seeking an order fulfillment center with more experience, Universal Fulfillment is an attractive option. Universal Fulfillment are steady hands, having been in business since 2003.

In addition to their lengthy tenure in the order fulfillment business, Universal Fulfillment also has the distinction of being very good with customized products and professionally printed marketing materials. That means if you need good-looking flyers or other marketing materials to be made in-house, Universal can often do that as good, if not better, than most other fulfillment centers.

Universal Fulfillment is a good solution for both B2C and B2B order fulfillment, which can sometimes be tough to find in a 3PL. For more sensitive B2B order fulfillment projects, clients can be assured that Universal Fulfillment will provide concierge customer support.

Location: Boca Raton, FL

Key Advantages

  • Has been in business since 2003.
  • Specializes in order fulfillment, custom products, and professionally printed marketing materials.
  • Handles both B2B and B2C business orders.

Website: Universal Fulfillment

4. Kore Logistics 

For business owners seeking another well-rounded fulfillment option, Kore Logistics is another good option. Kore Logistics is both a 3PL and a freight forwarder, making it an excellent choice for businesses trying to keep most of their supply chain functions in the hands of a single company.

Kore Logistics is able to ship food and beverages, nutraceuticals, and published materials, making it a good option for businesses that sell products that fall within those categories. It is also a good choice for the eCommerce niches of apparel, beauty products, crafts and games, health, home, and general merchandise.

For those seeking a personalized experience, Kore Logistics can provide that. All clients are assigned a client manager who can provide dedicated assistance on all inquiries.

Location: Miami Lakes, FL

Key Advantages

  • Provides both order fulfillment and freight forwarding services.
  • Provides account managers for dedicated customer service.
  • Able to ship food and beverages, nutraceuticals, and published materials.

Website: Kore Logistics

Honorable Mention: Aquatbot Automation Ltd.

When most people think of 3PLs, they think of order fulfillment centers. That means companies that will fulfill orders on behalf of eCommerce or other companies with similar business models.

Aquabot Automation Ltd. is not one of those companies. Rather, it is a company which has created innovative, automated order fulfillment machines. These machines greatly reduce the amount of labor required to pick and sort items, which can help order fulfillment centers keep their costs in check.

For companies that are handling fulfillment in-house currently, outsourcing to a third-party logistics company can be attractive because of the promise of reducing labor costs. However, buying and installing these machines can, in some cases, have a similar effect!

Location: Florida

Key Advantages

  • Creates machines that can save on labor costs.
  • Can give some businesses what they need to act as their own 3PLs.

Website: Aquatbot Automation Ltd.

Getting Quotes From The Best 3PLs In Florida

To get an accurate quote from the top 3PL companies in Florida, it is crucial to provide detailed information about your products and requirements. This data should include specifics related to order fulfillment, eCommerce fulfillment, third-party logistics, and warehouse management.

For instance, specifying the number of SKUs you sell is important in calculating order management and order processing costs. Similarly, detailing your requirements for inventory tracking and demand forecasting can give 3PLs a better understanding of your inventory management needs.

If your business model involves dropshipping services, make sure to mention this when you reach out for a quote. Additionally, if you require particular supply chain solutions such as freight forwarding, last-mile delivery, reverse logistics, or cross-docking services, these should be highlighted.

The size and weight of your items and orders are crucial details that impact warehousing solutions, including bulk storage and pick and pack services. If you require multi-channel fulfillment or have special needs for product fulfillment, order consolidation, packaging and labeling, or returns management, these factors should also be noted.

For businesses seeking 3PLs with a strong focus on retail logistics and supply chain optimization, mention your need for services like supply chain visibility and warehouse automation. If your eCommerce distribution process involves complex or sensitive B2B order fulfillment, specify this to find a 3PL that can handle such requirements.

Most companies will let you submit requests for quotes on their website. Keep in mind that you may need to contact multiple 3PLs to find the one that best matches your specific needs, which can be a time-consuming process.

Want to skip the repetition and streamline your search? Get in touch with to start your search free of charge, and make sure you find the best 3PL for your business.

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