The Best 3PL Companies in North Carolina

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August 18, 2023


January 27, 2023

Need help fulfilling your eCommerce orders in the Southeast? These are the best 3PLs in North Carolina to help you with all your order fulfillment nee

North Carolina is centrally located along the east coast, with strategic access to major interstates such as I-95, I-85, and I-40. In addition to being within a day’s drive ofo 70% of the US population, North Carolina provides fulfillment centers with easy port access to the Atlantic Ocean. North Carolina also has access to 3,200 miles of well-maintained railway systems as well as the sixth busiest airline hub in the United States. 

Aside from the transportation benefits of fulfilling in North Carolina, customers can also expect fewer weather-related delays due to the favorable climate. With a year round average of 66 degrees Fahrenheit, summers are typically warm and humid, and winters are mild to moderate. Additionally, North Carolina boasts lower logistical costs via lower costs in real estate, labor, and transportation access. has done the work for you to determine which 3PLs in North Carolina are worth your time and money, so you can spend your time growing your company and satisfying your customers. 

1. Mobix Logistics

Mobix focuses on four pillars of success: transparency, innovation, partnership, and capability. 

Transparency: Mobix customers can see production location, fulfillment costs, and storage fees in detail and in real-time through the customer portal. 

Innovation: Customers with thousands of SKUs or complicated kit requirements can rest easy as Mobix creates customized solutions to challenging logistical problems. 

Partnership: Customers are always placed first. Cost-saving solutions are highlighted and applied whenever possible and Mobix will even go so far as to recommend other fulfillment partners if it is in the customer’s best interest. 

Capability: Mobix has decades of experience in the fulfillment industry. A lot of different logistics processes have been integrated under one roof providing customers with unique fulfillment solutions. 

Mobix provides customers with a full suite of eCommerce fulfillment solutions through five warehouses across the United States. The company integrates with all major eCommerce channels. Products ship out six days a week. 

From a specialty solutions perspective, Mobix is able to support big & bulky products, as well as nutraceuticals, raw materials, and published works. 

For customers requiring value-added services, Mobix is well positioned to provide a variety of solutions. Secure storage, FTL & LTL, transloading, cross-docking, and longterm storage solutions are all options to Mobix customers. 

Customers of Mobix can also expect top-notch customer service as Mobix assigns a dedicated account manager to each customer, along with providing phone and email support. 

Key Advantages

  • Ability to handle complex kitting projects and support thousands of SKUs
  • 6 million square feet of storage in 7 warehouses across the United States
  • Value-added services include secure storage, FTL & LTL, transloading, cross-docking, and longterm storage

Website: Mobix Logistics

2. Stampede Warehousing + Distribution

Customers of Stampede Warehousing + Distribution can expect a hands- and hassle-free experience when it comes to eCommerce order fulfillment, B2B distribution, Amazon FBA prep, contract packaging, and cross-docking. 

Ecommerce order fulfillment customers are able to take advantage of Stampede Warehousing + Distribution’s cloud-based inventory management system that fully integrates with all major platforms and shopping carts. Additionally, Stampede’s inventory system streamlines orders, shipping, and warehouse processes. Stampede Warehousing + Distribution is able to support customers of all sizes, helping smaller businesses scale up to 10,000 units per day. 

Stampede Warehousing + Distribution’s B2B distribution process is a simple 3 step process.

  1. Customers send Stampede their inventory.
  2. Stampede counts, inspects, and stores the inventory.
  3. Stampede then picks, preps, and ships each B2B order.

In addition to this simple process, customers of Stampede Warehousing + Distribution can also expect to leverage industry experts, dynamic inventory management, bulk order fulfillment, optimized storage, dedicated customer service, least-cost shipping, and hands-free returns. 

Customers who need helping meeting strict FBA requirements can also benefit from working with Stampede Warehousing + Distribution. The simple three step process is the same as those looking for B2B distribution. Stampede is able to provide customers with industry-best FBA prep rates and offer a price match guarantee, and will take the stress out of an Amazon selling experience. 

Additionally, customers can use value-added services such as FBA fulfillment accuracy auditing, FBA prep services, product integrity assurance, inventory management, optimized storage, dedicated customer service, and hands-free returns. 

Key Advantages

  • Industry-best FBA prep rates with price match guarantee 
  • Able to ship automotive parts
  • Well-trained scalable workforce and dedicated customer support

Website: Stampede Warehousing + Distribution 

3. AVL Fulfill

Located just outside of the bustling city of Asheville, AVL Fulfill was created by eCommerce entrepreneurs who were looking for their own shipping solutions. From their unique perspective, AVL Fulfill specifically focused on finding solutions for the pain points the owners themselves experienced in their eCommerce days. Originally a D2C fulfillment center, AVL Fulfill has grown to shipping 30,000 orders a month and now offers B2B services to its customers.

AVF Fulfill boasts a 99.9% order accuracy rate and puts the customer experience first through a focus on transparency. As the owners state, AVL Fulfill is “a really awesome 3PL built by and for e-commerce entrepreneurs like us who wanted really good order fulfillment.”

AVF Fulfill’s synced inventory management system allows customers to track inventory through its multichannel inventory software. There are no hidden fees, and shipping cost optimization is always offered.

Customers can enjoy AVL Fulfill’s omnichannel fulfillment with popular platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Amazon. In addition, if needed, customers are still able to do things the old way, uploading CSVs directly to AVL Fulfill’s software.

AVL Fulfill will also handle all returns on behalf of the client, utilizing reverse logistics services even for dropshipping customers. 

Key Advantages

  • No order minimum
  • Full return processing, even for dropshipping client
  • Created for eCommerce entrepreneurs by eCommerce entrepreneurs 

Website: AVL Fulfill 

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