The 2024 Best Arizona 3PL Companies

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Brandon Rollins


March 18, 2024


March 18, 2024

Need help fulfilling your eCommerce orders in the Southwest? These are the best 3PLs in Arizona to help you with all your order fulfillment needs.
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Arizona, with its strategic southwestern location and rapidly expanding economy, is emerging as a pivotal hub for e-commerce and manufacturing sectors. The state's unique geographic position offers a direct gateway to major markets in the Western United States, Mexico, and beyond, making it an ideal location for companies aiming to widen their distribution reach. Phoenix, the state's capital and largest city, anchors a sprawling metropolitan area that is not only a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship but also home to a growing logistics and supply chain industry.

This growth is supported by Arizona's extensive transportation network, which includes major interstate highways, rail systems, and the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport—one of the largest cargo hubs in the region. In light of these advantages, we have carefully selected Arizona's top 3PL providers, renowned for their:

  • Adaptive Distribution Networks: They offer flexible and scalable solutions that cater to the fluctuating demands of the digital economy, ensuring timely and efficient product delivery.
  • Commitment to Excellence: With a focus on technological integration and customer service, these providers exceed expectations, driving enhanced satisfaction and loyalty.

Discover our handpicked list to harness the logistical prowess and strategic benefits Arizona offers, propelling your business forward with enhanced efficiency and sustainability in 2024.

Congratulations to our 2024 Arizona’s gold medal recipients. Need a 3PL solution? Use the free 3PL Finder service by Fulfill.

Pip Ship

PipShip stands at the forefront of innovation in the fulfillment sector, redefining the logistics landscape with its tech-forward approach and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Specializing in the seamless integration of online shopping carts, PipShip ensures that order importation, packing, and shipping processes are not just automated but optimized for efficiency and reliability.

Key Highlights:

  • Seamless Technology Integration: PipShip offers cutting-edge solutions that effortlessly connect with your online shopping platforms, automating the order fulfillment process from start to finish.
  • Customer Service Excellence: At its core, PipShip prides itself on being a customer service powerhouse, with a keen focus on supporting clients' operational needs and fostering business growth.
  • Quality Control and Customization: Every order is treated with meticulous attention to detail, utilizing custom packaging materials to enhance the unboxing experience and safeguard product integrity.
  • Scalable and Customizable Solutions: Recognizing the unique needs of each business, PipShip provides scalable services tailored to match the size and scope of any operation, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

PipShip's innovative approach to fulfillment services positions it as an essential partner for businesses looking to streamline their logistics operations without compromising on quality or customer experience. By leveraging advanced technology, emphasizing exceptional customer service, and prioritizing customizable solutions, PipShip not only meets the demands of modern e-commerce but sets new standards for excellence in the industry.


Brandfox elevates the fulfillment experience with a dedicated team that operates tirelessly around the clock. Their unparalleled commitment to fulfillment excellence and exceptional customer service distinguishes them in the logistics sector. This unwavering dedication ensures that clients receive top-notch service at all times, making Brandfox a standout choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient fulfillment solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • 24/7 Dedicated Team: Ensures continuous operations and support, providing exceptional service round the clock.
  • Unmatched Commitment: Emphasizes excellence in fulfillment and customer service, setting a high standard in the logistics industry.
  • Focused Fulfillment Solutions: Offers tailored services that meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring satisfaction and efficiency.

Brandfox's unique approach to fulfillment and customer service positions it as a premier partner for businesses in need of dependable and high-quality logistics support.

Logistics Plus, Inc.

Logistics Plus, Inc., a 21st Century Logistics CompanyTM renowned for its global leadership in offering comprehensive logistics solutions. They specialize in a broad array of services including LTL and truckload brokerage, air and ocean freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, project cargo, import/export, and global trade compliance services. Demonstrating its commitment to transparency and client education, Logistics Plus provides free access to case studies showcasing successful solutions crafted for its customers, highlighting the company's adaptability and innovative approach to logistics challenges.

Key Highlights:

  • Wide-Ranging Services: Expertise in various logistics disciplines, from LTL and truckload brokerage to global trade compliance, caters to diverse supply chain needs.
  • Global Leadership: Recognized as a global leader in transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, and logistics solutions, adapting seamlessly to the dynamic global market.
  • Creative Solutions and Excellence: Embraces challenges with a “yes” attitude, providing creative, tailored solutions to any supply chain issue, backed by a passionate workforce and world-class technology.

Logistics Plus, Inc  embodies the essence of modern logistics, offering versatile and comprehensive solutions to meet the intricate demands of today's global supply chain. With an innovative approach, a commitment to excellence, and a wide array of services, Logistics Plus not only solves logistics challenges but also educates and empowers its clients, solidifying its position as a forward-thinking leader in the logistics sector.

Securing Quotes from Top 3PL Providers in Arizona

For accurate quotes from 3PL providers in Arizona, it's essential to prepare detailed information regarding your inventory. This includes understanding the physical dimensions and weight of your products, the variety of your stock keeping units (SKUs), the locations of your customers across the map, and any unique requirements for packaging your products might have.

Arizona is home to a diverse array of 3PL companies, many of which offer the convenience of online quote requests. However, finding the ideal logistics partner that meets your specific needs typically requires contacting multiple companies. This effort, while necessary, can prove to be a daunting and time-intensive task.

If you're looking for a simpler way to find the right 3PL provider, Fulfill 3PL Finder can help

Our platform is designed to ease the initiation of your search for the perfect logistics partner, all without any upfront fees.

Discover our selection of top 3PL companies in Arizona and across the country: Top eCommerce Fulfillment Companies by Begin your journey with us and find the logistics support your business needs to thrive.

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