The 6 Best 3PLs in Arizona

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Brandon Rollins


August 18, 2023


January 31, 2023

Need help fulfilling your eCommerce orders in the Southwest? These are the best 3PLs in Arizona to help you with all your order fulfillment needs.

Arizona is an excellent state to choose for fulfilling orders in the western US. The state is the fourteenth-most populated in the United States and is also home to Phoenix, one of the ten largest metropolitan areas in the country.

It is also located within a one day drive of the two most populated states in the nation - California and Texas. Also nearby are many of the major cities of the interior west, including Denver, Salt Lake City, and Albuquerque. has done the work for you to determine which 3PLs in Arizona are worth your time and money, so you can spend your time growing your company and satisfying your customers. 

1. Packdash

Packdash is a 3PL fulfillment provider that uses its dual warehousing system to support the needs of ecommerce businesses. They are different from other 3PL companies in that they run off of a micro-fulfillment model. This means that Packdash has strategically located fulfillment facilities that limit the number of clients per facility, ensuring all Packdash clients receive fast and dedicated services. 

Clients can expect a wide range of service offerings, including fulfillment, specialty kitting, unparalleled unboxing experiences, handling, and storage. Need specialty solutions? Packdash supports fulfillment of hazmat, automotive parts, and FDA approved products. Packdash is a great solution for small and medium sized businesses looking to streamline their operations. 

Locations: AZ, IL

Key Advantages

  • Wide ranging specialty solutions, including hazmat, automotive, and FDA Approved products
  • Handling and storage solutions include temperate control and humidity control
  • Offers fast, dedicated, and bespoke solutions

Website: Packdash

2. PipShip Fulfillment

PipShip Fulfillment’s services are as sleek as their website. Offering custom services ranging from subscription box fulfillment to retail fulfillment, warehousing and storage to basic eCommerce fulfillment, PipShip is a top partner. Through the completion of a simple form, you can quickly receive a custom quote for your business’ needs, all with transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Clients of PipShip can enjoy no fees on setup, onboarding, software, receiving, and storage. There is no complicated contract, and zero surcharges. 

In addition to standard eCommerce products, PipShip is prepared to support big & bulky products, as well as CBD, published works, and FDA approved products. 

From a handling and storage perspective, clients seeking temperature control, humidity control, and longterm storage will find PipShip to be an excellent partner. Secure storage, FTL & LTL, transloading, and cross-docking are standard offerings as well. 

Locations: Tempe, Arizona

Key Advantages

  • Customizable and scalable pick & pack services, including custom packaging materials
  • Specialty solutions for big & bulky
  • Temperature control & humidity control storage solutions

Website: PipShip Fulfillment

3. Brandfox

Brandfox is a comprehensive and customizable fulfillment service that is well-equipped to meet the needs of a variety of ecommerce businesses. They offer a wide range of services, including fulfillment, EDI, kitting and assembly, subscription box fulfillment, and more, and are able to integrate with a number of different ecommerce platforms.

Brandfox knows clients are more than just an ecommerce business, which is why they put a strong emphasis on customer service, with the ability to directly contact customers and handle shipping issues, as well as offering real-time support to clients. Value-added services are available to clients, such as storage and freight, and Brandfox is able to support a range of specialized products, including nutraceuticals, food and beverages, and FDA approved products.

Locations: AZ, PA

Key Advantages

  • Positioned in Arizona and Pennsylvania, offering clients full nation coverage
  • Hands-on customer services to the clients’ customers
  • Temperature controlled storage

Website: Brandfox

4. Gateway Optimum Transportation

Gateway Optimum Transportation is a multi-modal provider of logistics services. Each facility is able to provide its small to medium sized customers with local transport, asset-based pickup and delivery options, as well as a variety of truck and van combinations to meet your needs. For those needing warehousing and fulfillment services, Gateway Optimum Transportation can meet those needs too. Gateway O.T. offers clients flexible warehousing, pick & pack, standard fulfillment services, and can deliver B2B and B2C. 

For those needing international services, Gateway O.T. is a member of the International Warehouse Logistics Association, is always staying up to date on the latest rules and regulations, and is a licensed IPPC export facility. 

Locations: AZ, CA, WA

Key Advantages

  • Industry leader with nationwide over-the-road transport services 
  • Offers carrier, warehousing, distribution, and logistics services
  • Licensed IPPC export facility

Website: Gateway Optimum Transportation 

5. Outerspace

Outerspace is a highly specialized fulfillment center that provides a range of services to businesses with high order volumes (20,000+ per month). They offer customized solutions and on-site services to help brands streamline their fulfillment process and improve customer satisfaction.

Some of the benefits of working with a fulfillment center like Outerspace include reduced overhead costs, improved efficiency and accuracy, and the ability to scale up or down as needed. By outsourcing fulfillment to a company like Outerspace, businesses can focus on their core competencies and leave the logistics to the experts.

Few businesses are eligible to work with Outerspace, but those that are can benefit from their exceptional service. Those lucky enough to work with Outerspace can also take advantage of bespoke solutions, such as custom tech integrations, embroidery, UV printing, laser engraving, and a full-service photo studio for creating marketing materials.

Locations: AZ, NJ, NY, PA

Key Advantages

  • Selective in choosing their partners - indicating high level customer service to those who are selected
  • Dedicated floor team
  • Bespoke solutions such as on-site embroidery, UV printing, laser engraving, and full-service photo studio

Website: Outerspace


More than just a 3PL, helps their customers in creating dynamic online storefronts, online digital marketing, customer engagement, ecommerce fulfillment, growth marketing, and offer customers a variety of analytics. 

From a fulfillment perspective, is able to offer clients pick & pack, and inventory storage & management, as well as order management and warehouse management systems. They support both direct-to-client and business-to-business orders, wholesale orders, and are able to scale up when needed. also has a multi-nodal network that spans the entire nation, allowing clients to access their customers with speed, flexibility, and security. Fulfilling by Amazon? can help with that too and follow all the regulations regarding FBA storage and prep. 

Locations: AZ, GA, OH, TX, UT

Key Advantages

  • Omnichannel Customer Support
  • Unified Analytics 
  • Variety of value-added services outside of 3PL 


Getting Quotes From The Best 3PLs In Arizona

To get an accurate quote from 3PLs, it is important to provide as much detail as possible about your products. That means providing information on the size and weight of your items and orders, the number of SKUs you sell, the location of your customers, and your packaging requirements.

Most companies will have the ability to submit requests for quotes on their website. But you need to contact multiple 3PLs to find the right one, and that's a repetitive process.

Want to skip the repetition? Get in touch with and we'll help you start your search free of charge.

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