The 2024 Best Kentucky 3PL Companies

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March 18, 2024


March 18, 2024

Explore Kentucky's top 5 third-party logistics providers, their unique offerings, and how they can streamline your business operations.
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Kentucky is a critical hub in America's logistics and distribution network, strategically located at the Midwest-South intersection. It hosts major air freight centers like the Louisville International Airport with UPS Worldport and the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, a key DHL hub, emphasizing its role in both national and international shipping.

The state's comprehensive highway and interstate network, along with access to major rivers, supports its strong logistics infrastructure, facilitating efficient trade routes. With a robust manufacturing sector and a focus on effective supply chain management, Kentucky's logistics-oriented economy, skilled workforce, and business-friendly environment make it an attractive location for diverse companies.

In acknowledgment of Kentucky's logistical prowess and strategic importance, we've highlighted the state's premier 3PL providers known for their:

  • Expertise in Air and Ground Distribution: Capitalizing on Kentucky's world-class air freight facilities and extensive road and rail networks, these providers offer unparalleled services in rapid shipping, warehousing, and fulfillment.
  • Customized Supply Chain Solutions: With a focus on flexibility and innovation, Kentucky's 3PL firms excel in creating tailored logistics strategies that meet the specific needs of their clients, ensuring efficiency and reliability across the supply chain.

Discover our selection of Kentucky's leading 3PL companies to leverage their specialized capabilities and strategic advantages, propelling your business towards enhanced operational efficiency and market reach in 2024 and beyond.

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Davinci Micro Fulfillment

Davinci Micro Fulfillment offers a groundbreaking approach to eCommerce, enabling brands and retailers to efficiently market, sell, fulfill, and ship products through a network of small fulfillment centers (MFCs) strategically located near customers. This model guarantees 2-day delivery to any U.S. zip code, optimizing customer satisfaction across all channels.

Key Highlights:

  • Rapid Fulfillment: Utilizes micro fulfillment centers for fast, forward fulfillment, ensuring deliveries within 2 days nationwide.
  • Strategic Proximity: MFCs positioned near metropolitan areas enhance delivery speed and customer experience.
  • Agility in Operations: Adapts swiftly to market changes and supply chain dynamics, offering partners the flexibility to scale and integrate across various channels.
  • Transparent Operations: Offers real-time visibility into parcel journeys and buying habits, fostering a deeper understanding of market trends and customer preferences.

Davinci Micro Fulfillment redefines the eCommerce landscape by combining speed, strategic location, agility, and transparency. This innovative approach not only meets the evolving demands of online consumers but also addresses common eCommerce challenges, paving the way for brands to enhance their online strategy and succeed in a competitive digital marketplace.


EZDC brings over 40 years of collective experience in wholesale distribution to the forefront of logistics, offering emerging brands the opportunity to bypass traditional logistic hurdles for accelerated growth and scalability. Understanding the challenges startups and smaller companies face in the competitive e-commerce arena, EZDC positions itself as the much-needed bridge for companies sidelined by larger 3PLs due to volume constraints.

Located in central Kentucky, EZDC's facility is strategically placed to offer cost-effective, nationwide distribution solutions, making it an attractive partner for brands aiming for expansive reach without the heavy financial burden.

Key Highlights:

  • Support for All Sizes: Dedicated to leveling the playing field, EZDC caters to businesses of all sizes, providing fast and accurate services to help them compete more effectively in the e-commerce space.
  • E-commerce Omnichannel Expertise: With over 30 years of experience, EZDC delivers seamless customer experiences across various sales channels, enhancing brand presence and customer reach.
  • Flexible and Adaptable Approach: Recognizing the unique needs of each partner, EZDC offers tailored logistics solutions, giving entrepreneurs the agility needed to navigate the dynamic retail landscape.
  • Efficient Space and Software Solutions: Without the need for warehouse leasing or purchasing, partners benefit from variable cost structures, paying only for the space and services they use.

EZDC stands out as a key logistics partner for emerging brands, providing the tools, expertise, and support necessary to navigate the complexities of e-commerce fulfillment. EZDC not only facilitates efficient nationwide distribution but also ensures that companies of all sizes have access to premium logistics solutions, fostering growth, expanding customer reach, and ultimately, enhancing profitability.

KGH Logistics

KGH Logistics stands as a testament to enduring quality and innovation in the logistics sector, leveraging over 70 years of expertise in warehousing and distribution to offer specialized 3PL services. Rooted deeply in the distribution industry since 1957 and maintaining its original family ownership, KGH has seamlessly transitioned into a third-party logistics provider that champions the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Key Highlights:

  • Cost-efficient and Timely Processing: With its rich history and established relationships, KGH guarantees that orders are processed efficiently, maximizing cost savings and ensuring timely delivery.
  • Focused 3PL Services: In the last three years, KGH has honed its skills to provide tailored 3PL solutions, ensuring small and medium-sized companies receive the support they need to thrive in competitive markets.
  • Specialized Customer Segment Focus: KGH distinguishes itself by dedicating its services to small and medium-sized enterprises, a group often overlooked by the broader 3PL industry in favor of large-volume clients.

KGH Logistics redefines the 3PL landscape for small and medium-sized businesses, offering a blend of rich industry experience, focused services, and a commitment to partnership. KGH stands out as a beacon of support for SMEs navigating the complexities of the modern marketplace, ensuring they have the resources and backing to compete effectively and grow sustainably.


eJOOV sets the standard in logistics innovation, specializing in bourbon e-commerce fulfillment from Louisville, KY. With a strong foundation in technology and industry knowledge, eJOOV is the preferred logistics partner for brands seeking efficiency and compliance in alcohol distribution.

Key Highlights:

  • Specialized Bourbon Fulfillment: Licensed for alcohol handling, eJOOV offers secure, efficient, and compliant storage and transportation solutions for bourbon e-commerce, utilizing the latest logistics technology.
  • Process Efficiency and Innovation: With experience managing high-volume orders and diverse product sizes, eJOOV employs lean methodologies and cutting-edge cloud-based systems to ensure scalability, customization, and operational excellence.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Beyond logistics, eJOOV enhances the unboxing experience with custom packaging solutions and innovative subscription boxes, aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Choosing eJOOV means partnering with a logistics expert dedicated to elevating your bourbon brand through unmatched fulfillment services and a commitment to long-term, sustainable growth.

Securing Quotes from Top 3PL Providers in Kentucky

To secure accurate quotes from 3PL providers in Kentucky, ensure you provide detailed information about your merchandise, including dimensions, weight, SKU diversity, geographic distribution of your customers, and specific packaging needs. While numerous 3PL companies in Kentucky offer the ability to request quotes online, identifying the right logistics partner for your specific needs often entails contacting multiple providers, a task that can become quite involved.

To facilitate this process, visit Fulfill 3PL Finder, which offers assistance in beginning your search without any initial fees.

For a list of leading 3PL companies in Kentucky, visit: Top eCommerce Fulfillment Companies by Fulfill

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