The Top Third-Party Logistics Providers in South Carolina

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Joe Spisak


August 18, 2023


May 15, 2023

Discover the top 3PLs in South Carolina for your eCommerce business. Streamline logistics and boost growth today!

The Top Third-Party Logistics Providers in South Carolina

Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) play a crucial role in the ecommerce world, handling everything from warehousing to order fulfillment to shipping. South Carolina is home to some exceptional 3PLs, ideal for ecommerce brands that value proximity to the East Coast, major shipping ports, and vast consumer markets. This listicle spotlights the top 3PLs in South Carolina and explains how can help ecommerce brands connect seamlessly with these service providers.

1. Calibrate Network

Operating out of Abbeville, Calibrate Network has been helping brands succeed with their robust, analytical approach to ecommerce. They work with big & bulky items, food & beverage products, CBD, raw materials, and publishing. Their warehouse spans 150,000 sq ft, ensuring ample space for your products.

2. Smart Warehousing

Smart Warehousing is driven by innovation, passion, and service. With a strategic presence in Columbia, South Carolina, they cater to big & bulky items and specialize in the Food & Beverage industry, along with handling raw materials. They are FDA approved and have an impressive warehouse capacity of 1,285,000 sq ft.

3. Everywear Brands

Everywear Brands in Charleston specializes in high touch brands looking to scale. Their focus is on food & beverage items, and they're FDA approved. With a 40,000 sq ft warehouse, they're a good fit for growing ecommerce brands.

4. Bluegrass Supply Chain

Bluegrass Supply Chain provides comprehensive 3PL services from their location in Greenville. They handle a wide range of items, including big & bulky, hazmat, food & beverage, wine & spirits, CBD, nutraceuticals, raw materials, publishing, and automotive. They're also FDA approved and offer a substantial warehouse space of 760,000 sq ft.

5. Global2Local

Global2Local in Mount Pleasant offers comprehensive order fulfillment services. They're equipped to handle big & bulky items and specialize in the automotive industry. They're also FDA approved and operate from a 20,000 sq ft warehouse.

6. IronLink Logistics

IronLink Logistics operates from Ladson, South Carolina, treating their customers as partners for mutual success. They handle big & bulky items, food & beverage, raw materials, publishing, and automotive from their extensive 828,000 sq ft warehouse network.

7. Nice Commerce

Founded by entrepreneurs and eComm store owners, Nice Commerce in Charleston offers a personalized approach to 3PL services. They cater to hazmat, food & beverage, CBD, and nutraceuticals, and are FDA approved. Their warehouse offers 45,000 sq ft of space, ideal for brands seeking a 3PL centered around modern technology and true partnership.

To get the most out of these 3PLs, it's crucial to provide as much detail as possible about your products. That includes information on the size and weight of your items and orders, the number of SKUs you sell, the location of your customers, and your packaging requirements. Most companies will have the ability to submit requests for quotes on their website. However, contacting multiple 3PLs to find the right one can be a repetitive process.

This is where comes into play.

Streamlining Your Ecommerce Logistics with is your go-to platform for connecting with the right 3PLs to match your specific ecommerce needs. We provide a streamlined process to help you find the best logistics partner, saving you time and energy from conducting repetitive searches and comparisons.

We take your product details, operational needs, and business goals into account, ensuring you find a 3PL that aligns with your ecommerce brand. We've helped countless brands simplify their logistics and fulfillment processes, and we're ready to do the same for you.

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