The Rise of All Points 3PL in Atlanta, Georgia

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March 27, 2024


March 27, 2024

Dive into the remarkable journey of Duane Kalinowski and discover how All Points went from humble beginnings to doubling their operational capacity
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Without further ado, we present to you a deeper look at Atlanta, Georgia based 3PL, All Points owned by Duane Kalinowski.

All Points 3PL owners and founders at dinner
Joe Spisak and Dan White (co-founders of with Duane and Michael Kalinowski (father/son duo behind AllPoints) at Modex '24

Background and Company Origin

Can you provide a brief overview of your background and what inspired you to start your 3PL company?

In 1994, I swapped the cold of Wisconsin for Atlanta, only to quickly exit a Fortune 100 job due to a sudden transfer to California. Taking a break, I spent my days golfing and contemplating my future until I encountered a small courier service. Offered a partnership for growing the business, I managed to boost its revenue from $500,000 to $2 million within six months, securing major clients like Coca-Cola and First Union. This success led me to discover the world of fulfillment, a concept I was initially unfamiliar with but quickly embraced due to growing client interest.

Motivated by this demand, I leased a 10,000-square-foot space in an old bakery to start my own venture, soon facing the realities of undercapitalization and inexperience. The game-changer came with the 1996 Olympics when a referral from Coca-Cola landed us the Olympic pin contract. This opportunity revolutionized my business: what was once just me, a few employees, my dog, and a pallet jack transformed into an operation with forklifts, a leap to 40,000 square feet of space, and a team of 135 employees, all within nine months before the Olympic Games. Handling approximately $100 million worth of Olympic pins, this event marked a pivotal moment in my company's history, transitioning from a humble start to a significant presence in the 3PL industry.

What was the vision or mission that drove you to establish your own 3PL business?

The vision for my 3PL business evolved over time, similar to how many students change their majors. It became clearer after the 1996 Olympics and my extensive work with Coca-Cola. A critical piece of advice from a Coke executive was to not overextend ourselves, but rather to commit to what we could manage excellently. This advice sparked a deep reflection on our capabilities and the significance of nurturing a robust company culture.

I drew inspiration from a family-owned butcher shop in Milwaukee, where the warmth and familiarity transformed routine shopping into visiting cherished friends. This experience motivated me to cultivate a similar environment at my company, blending the personal touch of a family business with the professionalism required in corporate America.

At All Points, we've strived to create a culture of dedication and community, where going above and beyond for our clients is standard—such as personally delivering late packages to UPS or chasing down delivery trucks. We've extended our operational flexibility, opening our warehouse on weekends to meet client needs.

Beyond operational excellence, fostering a family-like atmosphere has been paramount. We've supported employees through life's milestones, celebrated their joys, and shared in their sorrows, truly becoming part of each other's lives. I've even had the honor of becoming a godfather to an employee's child, highlighting the deep personal connections we've built.

Emphasizing our commitment to this culture, I've pledged to share 30% of the company with employees upon its sale and have implemented a 20% profit-sharing scheme. We cover 85% of health insurance premiums and offer competitive salaries, recognizing that financial well-being contributes to a fulfilling life. Our aim is to provide not just a job, but a meaningful life experience, understanding that work occupies a significant portion of our lives. It's clear in our culture: if you're not aligned with our values of hard work, commitment, and community, you won't find your place here for long.

Could you share any unique or challenging experiences that motivated you to take the entrepreneurial leap into the logistics industry?

The pivotal moment arrived when I proposed to Coca-Cola, "If I do this, will you give me a shot?" Their affirmative response, along  with interest from other potential clients like Suntrust, emboldened me to leap into the venture. I leased a 10,000-square-foot space in an old, rat-infested bakery, embracing the uncertainties ahead. Within just two months, I was confronted with the harsh realities of being undercapitalized and overwhelmed, facing challenges I hadn't anticipated.

These hurdles, however, were instrumental in my decision to become an entrepreneur. They taught me the vital lessons of recognizing one's limits and ensuring adequate resources are in place to fulfill commitments. The experience reinforced the principle that prioritizing employee well-being is essential, as they are the backbone of customer satisfaction. Happy and healthy employees lead to Happy and healthy customers.

How did you come up with the name for your company, and is there a story behind it?

The name "All Points" was inspired by our commitment to offer comprehensive logistics solutions covering every aspect of the supply chain, and even going beyond traditional supply chain activities. This concept was driven home when we noticed many clients distributing printed materials. To streamline their operations, we not only established a network of printers but also set up our own in-house print shop. This strategy reduced the number of intermediaries, leading to significant savings in printing costs for our clients. Our philosophy is to always look for ways to enhance efficiency and reduce costs at any point in the supply chain for our clients, and the name "All Points" reflects this holistic approach.

Company Growth and Milestones

Since the inception of your 3PL company, what significant milestones have you achieved in terms of growth and expansion?

All Points' journey is marked by significant milestones, each representing a leap in our operational capabilities. Our first major milestone was transitioning into our inaugural commercial space, a 60,000 square-foot facility that enhanced our operations and workflow efficiency. The next pivotal moment came when we moved into our third facility, where we spent the bulk of the last 29 years. This 130,000 square-foot space not only provided dedicated areas for kitting but also accommodated our expanding team with ample office space.

The most recent and transformative milestone occurred in 2021 with our move into a state-of-the-art 160,000 square-foot facility. This new space nearly doubled our pallet capacity and was meticulously designed for optimal pallet flow, fulfillment, and kitting operations. The upgrade has catapulted our service efficiency and capability by more than threefold, setting a new benchmark for our operational excellence.

Can you describe a defining moment or strategy that played a crucial role in scaling your business?

All Points' journey took off with our first major contract for the 1996 Olympics, a milestone that propelled us into a larger facility. In just six months, we processed an astounding 100 million units, earning significant recognition and credibility among Fortune 500 companies in Atlanta. My guiding principle has always been to commit only to what we can deliver, both to our clients and our team. Prioritizing employee well-being is crucial, as they are the backbone of customer satisfaction. Happy, healthy employees lead to happy, healthy customers.

How have you managed to adapt and stay competitive in the ever-evolving logistics and supply chain industry?

To stay ahead in the dynamic logistics and supply chain industry, we've focused on top-notch customer service and flawless execution. We ensure our team is well-compensated, above industry standards, and supported with comprehensive healthcare, 401k matches, and a compassionate approach to personal matters. Additionally, fostering strong vendor relationships has been key, enabling us to offer competitive services and keep material costs low. These strategic partnerships are crucial for our sustained competitiveness and success.

What sets your company apart from other 3PL providers, and how have you maintained a competitive edge?

Our competitive edge is deeply rooted in unparalleled customer service and meticulous attention. We train our staff to view situations from our clients' perspectives, ensuring a seamless partnership. Our vigilant team is trained to spot and report any product issues, reinforcing our role as an integral part of our clients' operations. We take pride in the long tenure of our team, with warehouse staff averaging 16 years and office staff 19 years at All Points, reflecting a strong and positive workplace culture. Our strategic approach to addressing client needs and crafting bespoke logistics solutions distinguishes us in the logistics field.

Industry Insights and Advice

What are some trends and challenges you've observed in the logistics and 3PL sector over the years?

One of our biggest challenges is the surge in freight costs, driven by the demand for fast, often next-day deliveries popularized by Amazon. This expectation, combined with rising fuel and labor expenses, necessitates a sophisticated tech infrastructure and proactive carrier relationships for logistics firms. The inconsistency in agreements from carriers like UPS and FedEx, compounded by Amazon's impact, has skewed consumer expectations towards assuming free and rapid delivery is the norm. However, unlike Amazon, which earns through sales commissions, we rely on charging for freight, facing the reality of tangible costs. This dynamic has intensified competition among Amazon, UPS, and FedEx, creating industry turbulence and unrealistic expectations around delivery services.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own 3PL?

To those dreaming of starting their own 3PL business, my advice would be to proceed with caution and strategic foresight. Reflecting on my early days, particularly my partnership experiences with giants like Coke, the lesson I learned was the importance of pacing your growth. The old wisdom of "Don't bite off more than you can chew" is incredibly pertinent in this industry. It's essential to be acutely aware of your operational limits and to avoid overcommitting. True growth and success come from consistently delivering on your promises, maintaining the quality of your service, and upholding your integrity. Striking a careful balance between your ambitions and your practical capabilities is critical.

Could you share any innovative approaches or technologies that have contributed to your company's success?

Our strategy, while not groundbreaking, sets us apart from many in the 3PL space due to its consultative and solution-focused nature. We treat each client as unique, paying close attention to their specific concerns to craft tailored, sometimes unorthodox, solutions. This personalized approach positions us as a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain partner. We adapt our services to not only meet current demands but also to accommodate future growth, taking on the complexities of execution so our clients can concentrate on their core offerings.

Beyond our customized client services, our advanced technology infrastructure places us ahead in the industry. Our tech stack offers clients deep insights into every facet of their supply chain, down to detailed performance analytics. Clients have the option to directly access their supply chain data through an online portal, providing comprehensive reports without the need to consult their account executive. Our aim is to simplify and demystify the supply chain process, ensuring transparency and ease of access to information.

Drawing from my personal background, my father, an industrial engineer, significantly contributed to the foundation of our company over 20 years ago. His expertise helped us establish rigorous operational protocols, including time study and work in progress reports, enabling us to monitor the productivity of every employee and maintain a precise cost accounting system in our warehouse. This meticulous approach to understanding our operational costs is vital for our efficiency and competitiveness in the 3PL sector.

How do you see the future of 3PL and logistics evolving, and what strategies do you have in place to adapt?

I believe the future of third-party logistics will be profoundly shaped by automation, with industry leaders like Amazon showcasing the immense potential of scalable automation. As robotics and AI-driven predictive analytics become more widely available, we anticipate significant enhancements in efficiency and scalability across the global supply chain, potentially leading to substantial reductions in overhead costs and operational risks.

Moreover, the realm of asset-based logistics has only begun to explore the possibilities of automation. We expect to see advanced automation integrated into ports, intermodal transport, and air cargo as these technologies evolve to meet the specific needs of our industry.

Our proactive approach to embracing innovation is largely attributed to our forward-thinking leadership team. We prioritize staying at the forefront of technological advancements, including AI and robotics, to enhance our service offerings. As our company grows and welcomes new generations into our team, we emphasize the importance of leveraging the latest tools and technologies to complement our exceptional services.

What tech stack and outsourced service providers do you use at your business?

The backbone of our operation is our WMS/OMS, Veracore, which has been a pivotal part of our setup since 1998. It's integral to both the operational side and the interface our customers interact with. For handling larger, retail-focused programs, we utilize SPS Commerce for EDI, ensuring seamless transactions. Our packaging supplies are sourced from a select group of top-tier vendors located around Atlanta, ensuring quality and reliability. In terms of hardware, we equip our team with scanners from leading brands such as Zebra, Uline, and Honeywell, optimizing our workflow for peak efficiency. On the creative front, our marketing and development efforts are crafted by a dedicated in-house team, comprised of highly talented individuals who bring our vision and services to life through innovative strategies and solutions.

Personal Insights

In your journey as a 3PL founder, what have been the most rewarding and personally fulfilling moments?

One of the most rewarding aspects of my journey has been witnessing the growth and development of our employees. The core team here, including our finance person, IT head, General Manager, Production Manager, Operations Manager, and Shipping Manager, have been with us for over two decades, with some reaching 26 years. This level of long-term retention, especially in a small company, speaks volumes about our work environment and the commitment of our staff. It's incredibly fulfilling to see the company evolve from being synonymous with my personal involvement to a point where 'All Points' itself became the go-to solution for our clients around 2005. The transition from "Call Dwayne, he can fix it" to "Call All Points, they can fix it" marked a significant milestone, signifying that the company had truly come into its own, supported by a dedicated and experienced team. This shift from personal leadership to a collective identity has been both inspiring and deeply rewarding.

Can you share a memorable or inspiring story related to your experiences as a business owner?

One experience that particularly resonates with me involves our partnership with RaceTrac Petroleum, a prominent petroleum retailer in the Southeast, boasting close to 600 locations. Our company has played a crucial role in this relationship, managing the distribution of almost every product found within their stores, barring food items. The highlight of this collaboration has been the recognition we've received amidst a competitive pool of approximately 3,000 vendors. Being repeatedly honored as Vendor of the Year by RaceTrac is not just an accolade; it's a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team. This achievement underscores the strong, effective partnerships we strive to build and maintain with our clients, highlighting our commitment to excellence and the significant impact of our services in the industry.

What is your leadership philosophy, and how do you inspire and motivate your team?

My leadership approach is deeply rooted in the concept of servant leadership, albeit a notion that might seem cliché to some. The essence of this philosophy is genuine care and attentiveness to the team's needs and concerns. It's about more than just guiding; it's about listening, understanding, and empathizing. Whether celebrating a team member's personal victory, like their child's achievements, or offering support during tough times, such as a family illness, it's crucial to demonstrate that you truly care.

This personal investment goes a long way in fostering a supportive and motivated work environment. When team members feel valued and understood on a personal level, they are more inclined to invest their best efforts into their work. It's this blend of professional guidance and personal empathy that I believe forms the foundation of effective leadership.

How do you balance work and life as an entrepreneur in a demanding industry?

Balancing work and life, especially in a demanding industry, is a challenge, but my philosophy has always been family first. I've seen too many people sacrifice their personal lives for success, and I'm determined not to follow that path. To ensure this balance, I've taken a unique approach within my company by pledging to give away 30% of it, effectively making many of our team members 'owners' in a sense. This approach fosters a sense of partnership and responsibility among the team, allowing me to not be tethered to every operational detail.

My role has evolved into what I like to call the 'chief entertainment officer,' where my primary duties involve stepping in for significant issues, meeting every new hire, and making tough decisions when necessary. While this hands-off approach might mean sacrificing some level of success, it's a trade-off I'm willing to make to ensure quality time with my family. This balance is crucial for me; it's about creating a sustainable work environment where everyone feels invested and valued, allowing me the freedom to prioritize my family without compromising the company's success.

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources?

The Bible and "Atlas Shrugged" are two pillars in my personal library. The Bible offers foundational life guidance, while "Atlas Shrugged" drives home the value of accountability and the virtue of hard work. These books echo my belief that your fate is in your own hands, shaped by your actions, your integrity, and your commitments. It's about doing the right thing for the right reasons, and trusting that good things will follow.


This structured overview encapsulates Duane Kalinowski's entrepreneurial journey, strategic insights, and the foundational principles behind All Points' success in the 3PL industry.

Duane Kalinowski's journey with All Points is a testament to ingenuity, perseverance, and a steadfast commitment to setting new standards. From modest beginnings to becoming a beacon in the logistics industry, Kalinowski and his team are sculpting a new definition of what it means to lead in the logistics sphere, underscored by their innovative approaches and customer-centric strategies. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, as they've been recognized among the Top 2024 Georgia 3PLs.

For those interested in delving deeper into All Points' vision, strategies, and achievements, Duane Kalinowski encourages exploring their LinkedIn profile, visiting the website, or following their journey on Instagram. He extends an open invitation to all to be part of All Points' exciting journey as they continue to navigate and transform the logistics domain for the digital era.

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