The 5 Best 3PLs in Indiana

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Brandon Rollins


August 18, 2023


February 7, 2023

Need help fulfilling your eCommerce orders in the Midwest? These are the best 3PLs in Indiana to help you with all your order fulfillment needs.

As “the Crossroads of America,” Indiana is uniquely positioned and considered an integral part to the United States Midwest. With Michigan - the state and the lake - to the north, Ohio to the east, Kentucky to the south, and Illinois to the west, Indiana is a prime location for warehousing and fulfillment services.

The state and its largest city, Indianapolis, is located between the bustling cities of Chicago and New York City. Both have direct access to national and international highways, just two of the many reasons to consider Indiana for fulfillment and logistics. Chicago has the largest railway hub and the third largest intermodal hub, and the fourth busiest cargo airport is located in Lexington, KY. Both major transportation hubs are only 3 hours or less from Indianapolis. has done the work for you to determine which 3PLs in Indiana are worth your time and money, so you can spend your time growing your company and satisfying your customers.   

1. Lessgistics

Lessgistics is an eCommerce and Amazon fulfillment center located in Indianapolis, Indiana. With a focus on subscription boxes, kitting, and Amazon FBA, Lessgistics is a great solution for brands looking to fulfill direct-to-consumer. They also handle returns on your behalf, so that is just one more task that can be handed over to the experts. 

As a value-added process, Lessgistics can do kitting projects for you. Through a straightforward pricing process based on the complexity of the kit, Lessgistics can kit from basic component assembly to multi-pack creation. Labeling/de-labeling, polybagging, prep, and display constructions are all kitting value-added processes clients can select as well. 

Possibly one of Lessgistics’ greatest strengths is their flexible offering of Amazon solutions. Not only does Lessgistics have decades of experience in Amazon FBA prep, but they are trained in shipping MFN orders and the management of Seller Central’s shipping processes. Their experience in Amazon includes Seller Central shipping management, inbound labeling & shipping compliance, inventory forecasting, and returns management. 

Locations: Indianapolis, Indiana

Key Advantages

  • Extensive Amazon support options
  • Customized kitting services
  • Specialty solution for automotive parts

Website: Lessgistics

2. Verde Fulfillment

Verde Fulfillment is an omnichannel fulfillment partner that can do it all. They can handle eCommerce warehousing and fulfillment, Amazon prep, storage, and kitting and assembly.

From an eCommerce perspective, Verde Fulfillment is able to support all standard eCommerce requests and connects to all major platforms. For value-added services, clients can take advantage of Verde’s complete eCommerce and dropship order fulfillment solutions, rate-shop shipping, and product returns management. 

For Direct-to-Store or DC fulfillment, Verde Fulfillment uses mobile barcode scanners to validate orders when performing pick and pack fulfillment. Verde’s process has awarded them a top of industry ranking, boasting a very low mis-pick rate of a 0.0036%. The industry standard is 4%. 

Lastly, for warehousing and storage, Verde Fulfillment helps its customers there too. Verde can support big & bulky and pallet shipping, cross-docking, temperature-controlled storage, and can even handle product quality control. They are also experienced in bulk pallet storage, trade show booth storage/shipping, and have a fast pallet in/out service. Shipping options are FTL, LTL, FCL, and LCL both domestically and internationally. 

Locations: IN, ID, TN, NV

Key Advantages

  • Top of industry with 0.0036% mis-pack rate
  • Temperature-controlled storage solutions
  • Variety of specialty solutions, including big & bulky, hazmat, FDA approved, and automotive parts

Website: Verde Fulfillment


DXL3PL, LLC boasts 3 warehouses in Indianapolis, allowing their tech-driven warehousing to have all the space it needs to service clients. 

A full service eCommerce fulfillment center, DXL3PL also offers EDI/Retail fulfillment services as well as real-time support. Additionally, DXL3PL welcomes special project requests and the shipping of big & bulky items. 

Clients of DXL3PL can select from a variety of value added services to enhance their fulfillment experience - contract packaging, point of sale displays, and kitting and assembly, to name a few. DXL3PL will even fulfill subscription boxes with the use of branded packaging, all to enhance their client’s customers’ experience. 

Lastly, when it comes time for shipments to go out, DXL3PL can help with that too. Clients can take advantage of cross-docking services, as well as consolidation and pool point distribution services.

Locations: Indianapolis, Indiana

Key Advantages

  • Kitting & Assembly and Subscription Boxes with branded packaging
  • Specialty solutions for Big & Bulky, FDA approved products, and automotive parts
  • Extensive warehousing space in Indianapolis, Indiana

Website: DXL3PL, LLC

4. ShipCalm

ShipCalm provides its customers with an all-in-one logistics solution. Unlike most 3PLs, ShipCalm is able to handle inbound logistics and not just order fulfillment. They are also able to fulfill orders of all sizes, ranging from individual orders going direcly to customers to bulk shipments for FCs and retail alike.

ShipCalm can integrate with all the major eCommerce platforms, making it easy to get started. They also provide a wide range of value-added services related to inventory management, packaging and assembly services, reverse logistics and returns processing, and customer service and support. 

Subscription boxes have grown by 40% in the last 5 years, but trying to find a fulfillment partner that is adept at supporting complex subscription box fulfilment can be challenging. ShipCalm specializes in subscription box fulfillment and all that comes with it. Clients can trust ShipCalm with inventory management, kitting, packing, and shipping of complex subscription boxes related to a variety of different industries. ShipCalm can and has shipped subscription boxes related to fashion, beauty, sporting, and even meal kits and food boxes. 

Lastly, ShipCalm is highly adept at supporting large SKU counts, especially when it comes to apparel. It is through servicing apparel fulfillment that ShipCalm has refined its reverse logistics to be best-in-class. The process is easy on customers and gets the returned product back on the shelves in record time. Another unique skill of ShipCalm is the ability to repack products into discounted bundle offerings, helping clients move stale products for incoming trends. 

Locations: IN, CA

Key Advantages

  • All-in-one logistics solutions 
  • Specialize in special kitting and packaging, supports large SKU count 
  • Specialty solutions for hazmat, fragile, and oversized goods

Website: ShipCalm

5. BroadRange Logistics

BroadRange Logistics is a full service 3PL with 5 million square feet of warehouse space spread across the Northeast, Southeast, South, and Midwest. They indeed have a broad range of service offerings for their clients, including assembly, distribution, fulfillment; consolidation and deconsolidation; inventory management and control; order processing; supply chain management; reverse logistics; warehousing management; all things eCommerce; and finally pick and pack functions. 

Assembly value-added services include kitting and labeling, repackaging, and other custom solutions. BroadRange Logistics’ goal in assembly is to give their clients the benefits of customized order fulfillment without sacrificing efficiency in their supply chain.

Deconsolidation services offered by BroadRange Logistics include breaking down large ocean and air containers into smaller shipments for the final and more manageable shipments to regional distribution centers. This includes separating shipments into purchase order units, stock-keeping units, as well as providing scanning and automation whenever it is needed. 

BroadRange Logistics’ pick and pack functions are tailored to each individual client, knowing that businesses have different requirements for their pick and pack needs. Orders are processed upon receiving and are shipped within 24 hours, many being same day. 

Locations: IN, GA, TX, PA

Key Advantages

  • Specialty solutions for cold storage and hazmat
  • Supports ocean, air, warehouse, and trucking logistics 
  • Provides Intermodal services

Website: BroadRange Logistics

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