How CBIP Scaled To Shipping 100,000 Orders Per Month

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March 18, 2024


March 18, 2024

CBIP, led by Nick Bartlett, is changing the game in logistics by linking e-commerce companies with a wide range of logistics services worldwide.
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CBIP's mission is both clear and transformative: it positions itself not merely as a business but as a force for innovation within the 4PL sector, committed to connecting e-commerce enterprises with an extensive global network of logistics providers. 

Guided by Nick Bartlett, whose expertise in innovation and strategic thinking enhances their marketing and sales strategies, CBIP strives to offer logistics solutions that are efficient, transparent, and sustainable.

According to Nick, “Sustainability is not cheap. They take time, research, and resources, but we think it's incredibly important to build a company our kids can be proud of.”

We caught up with Nick to delve into the motivations fueling CBIP's success and his aspirations for its future.

Foundation: Technology and Trust

Nick shares that at the core of CBIP is a deep-seated dedication to innovation and fostering meaningful relationships. By incorporating state-of-the-art technology, CBIP enhances the efficiency and reliability of logistics processes. Yet, it's their unique approach to client relationships—viewing them as partners in mutual growth and success—that truly distinguishes them. This commitment is further amplified by their focus on sustainability, evidenced by investments in carbon offset initiatives and collaborations with SouthPole for annual emissions reporting. For Nick, these efforts are about creating a legacy that future generations will respect and admire.

The Genesis of CBIP: A Fusion of Skills and Vision

Nick Bartlett and his friend, Chris Crutchly, co-founded CBIP, capitalizing on their diverse backgrounds to drive the company's success. Chris handles the finance and operations, while Nick focuses on sales and customer interactions. Before establishing CBIP, they were both engaged in corporate careers in Hong Kong, Nick in commercial trading and Chris in finance. They identified a growing need for logistics services tailored to the burgeoning e-commerce B2C sector in Hong Kong, recognizing an opportunity to offer a unique, customer-centric logistics solution for global e-commerce operations.

Their prior experience in logistics—Nick in supply chain management at Shell and Chris in retail with HSBC—provided a solid foundation. Initially, CBIP was a part-time venture, allowing them to conduct extensive research and gather client feedback to refine their business model. Despite initial challenges and a learning curve, their complementary skills, the timing of their market entry, and their personal commitments of 10K each laid the groundwork for CBIP's eventual full-time launch. This strategic approach, coupled with their dedication, enabled them to transform CBIP into the customer-focused logistics provider it is today.

Growth and Objectives: Expanding CBIP's Reach

Currently, CBIP operates from 10 locations and manages 15 warehouses globally. The company is in a constant state of exploration for expansion opportunities, closely aligning its growth with the evolving needs of its clientele. The emphasis on delivering a tailored logistics experience ensures that expansion efforts are strategically targeted to regions where they can best serve their customers. Presently, CBIP is eyeing expansion in key markets across Europe, the UK, and the Asia Pacific region, including Vietnam and its surroundings.

The short-term objectives for the year include the successful integration of new clients and securing new business to facilitate CBIP's continuous growth. The foundation of the company lies in the provision of personalized logistics solutions, underscoring the commitment to ensuring every client receives meticulous attention. Moreover, sustainability remains a pivotal element of their strategy, both immediately and in the foreseeable future. The completion of their inaugural sustainability report marks a significant milestone, showcasing their dedication to employing tools and partnerships, such as the collaboration with SouthPole, to spearhead initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

Looking ahead, CBIP's long-term ambitions are centered on adding value for their clients to foster satisfaction and growth, launching new technological solutions, and advancing their commitment to sustainability.

Inspiring Future Entrepreneurs: Lessons from CBIP's Journey

Nick Bartlett, the founder of CBIP, shared valuable insights from his journey of starting and growing his business. He emphasized the importance of customer retention and the philosophy of growing alongside customers, highlighting that the most valuable customers are those who evolve with the company. Bartlett advises against outright rejection of opportunities and cautions against rapid expansion and over-commitment, which can compromise quality. His experience has underscored the necessity of being adaptable and learning new skills, as well as the critical role of effective communication in business success. He and his co-founder, Chris Crutchly, complement each other with Bartlett focusing on communication and Crutchly handling operational challenges.

For business operations, Bartlett relies on a variety of tools, including Hubspot for lead activity and email marketing, Slack for communication, and Zero for finance, among others like Anchanto for warehouse management and CargoWise for freight forwarding.

Bartlett finds inspiration in autobiographies and books such as "Only 2 Cents Left" by John Anderson, founder of Contiki, and "Shoe Dog" about the founding of Nike, which illustrate the power of persistence and belief in one's vision. He also credits professional mentors for their guidance and support, encouraging entrepreneurs to seek out mentors and draw inspiration from their heroes.

His advice to new entrepreneurs is straightforward: start taking action, embrace the learning process, and don't be too hard on yourself. The journey may be filled with challenges, but every experience is valuable, teaching skills that are applicable in various aspects of life and future endeavors.

Joining CBIP: An Invitation to Innovate in Logistics

As CBIP looks to the future, Nick expresses an eagerness to welcome passionate individuals keen on shaping the next chapter of e-commerce logistics. He invites those interested in joining this innovative journey to explore the opportunities CBIP offers.

Learning More About CBIP

For anyone interested in CBIP's mission, strategies, and achievements, Nick encourages exploring their LinkedIn, website, blog, or Twitter @Nbartlett_CBIP. He invites all to join CBIP in their exciting venture to redefine logistics for the digital era.


Nick Bartlett's voyage with CBIP stands as a testament to entrepreneurial success in the 4PL sector. His dedication to customer-centric services, technological innovation, and thoughtful expansion strategies has not only sculpted CBIP into a leading logistics provider but also offers crucial insights for aspiring leaders in the logistics field.

Table of Contents

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