November 9, 2022 Now Launching Digital Marketplace To Connect Companies with 3PLs

Written by:
Joe Spisak

AUSTIN, Tex. —

Austin, TX – November 9, 2022 – announced today a groundbreaking software solution that promises to connect growing businesses with third-party logistics (3PL) companies. This promises to address one of the most urgent problems that face brands today: finding a fulfillment partner that can address their specific needs and help the business scale. is a marketplace designed to connect 3PLs and growing brands. Brands can choose fulfillment partners based on a variety of factors, including: location of warehouses and regions served, eCommerce integrations, and special handling and storage considerations (cold chain, hazmat, FBA prep, FDA approved, automotive parts, raw materials, etc.)

Finding a 3PL is Time-Consuming, Repetitive, and Expensive

As brands grow and start shipping large volumes, many are forced to decide between shipping in-house or outsourcing to a 3PL warehouse. Shipping in-house is expensive, labor-intensive, complicated, and error-prone. Finding a 3PL, however, requires considerable research and thorough vetting of potential vendors. Choosing a 3PL, after a certain point, is necessary to keep running the business. At the same time, choosing the wrong 3PL can create more problems than continuing to ship in-house.

Brands need a way to compare different 3PL vendors by common factors, including location of warehouses, regions served, eCommerce integrations, and special handling and storage considerations. This information can be found by researching different vendors’ websites, placing calls, and sending emails, but there should be an easier way.

Now Launching Marketplace

The marketplace streamlines the process of finding a 3PL. By providing a thoroughly vetted list of vendors, brands can see a detailed directory of potential 3PLs, all of which are known to be reliable. By selecting different filters, brands can easily find a 3PL which meets their unique needs.

3PLs will also benefit from the marketplace. Getting listed in the directory is free, and provides 3PLs with a simple way to generate more leads. The marketplace will also make it easier for regional 3PLs to share leads that aren’t a perfect fit with other more suitable 3PLs, and compete with larger firms.

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