Ecommerce Logistics Glossary Now Live!

Written by:
Joe Spisak


September 28, 2023


September 28, 2023

Fulfill has just released an eCommerce logistics glossary to help document uncommon and misunderstood terminology on our industry.

The team at Fulfill has just released their eCommerce logistics glossary with the goal of educating more people on our fast growing and always exciting industry.

We will continuously be cranking out new explanatory articles and posting to the glossary hosted on our website.

Our team will also look to compile the articles on our Warehousing and Fulfillment Growth Community.

If you have any logistics topics that you are struggling with, or are interested in joining our FREE 3PL growth community (over 350 members), please shoot us a message at or sign up at the link in this article!

Thank you and have a great week!

-Joe and the Fulfill team

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