Commercial Real Estate for 3PLs: Top Brokers and Their Role in the Logistics Industry

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Carissa Throckmorton


March 18, 2024


March 18, 2024

Explore top brokers assisting 3PLs with commercial property transactions, lease negotiations, site selection, and risk management
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In the fast-paced world of third-party logistics (3PLs), having a deep understanding of commercial property is a key to success. As 3PLs focus on areas such as inventory management and transportation logistics, the crucial elements of commercial property management—like real estate transactions, lease negotiations, property evaluations, and zoning regulations—can often feel overwhelming. That's where the top brokers in the logistics industry step in, offering extensive services tailored specifically to the needs of 3PLs. From assisting in site selection, overseeing real estate due diligence, managing real estate portfolios, to even providing commercial property marketing and relocation services, these brokers provide invaluable support.

This article introduces four leading commercial real estate firms—JLL, CBRE, Growe, and Cresa—that stand out in the logistics sector. All of them offer comprehensive commercial leasing solutions, property maintenance, and expansion services, while also keeping an eye on the latest trends in the 3PL industry. Read on to discover how these top brokers can assist with your real estate needs, bringing value and efficiency to your 3PL operations.


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As one of the top commercial real estate brokers, JLL offers a comprehensive suite of real estate services for 3PLs. Their team of expert real estate agents can help find and lease space tailored to the needs of logistics companies, whether you're moving into your first office, seeking a new location with room to grow, or developing a complete location strategy.

JLL is known for its property management services. They can assist 3PLs with portfolio management, going beyond just cost and risk mitigation to extract more value from your real estate investments. Their brokerage services for supply chain companies also extend to project design and delivery, breathing life into old spaces or creating new ones that help your workforce thrive.

For 3PLs considering commercial property investments, JLL is one of the top-rated commercial brokers. They can uncover real estate investment opportunities and capital sources worldwide. They're not just brokers for warehouse space and distribution centers; they're also real estate consultants who can advise on market trends, property evaluations, and real estate risk management.

Lastly, JLL offers cutting-edge real estate technology solutions for 3PLs, implementing tools, processes, and strategies that enhance the value and performance of your real estate portfolio. If you're seeking the best brokers for logistics companies, JLL is an excellent choice. Check out their services on their website.


File:CBRE Group logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

As one of the top brokers for 3PLs, CBRE offers comprehensive real estate services tailored to the evolving demands of the logistics industry. Our team of commercial real estate experts assists 3PL providers in navigating dynamic market conditions, facilitating real estate transactions that optimize their business performance and unlock new opportunities.

CBRE's breadth of services includes comprehensive real estate market analysis, strategic site selection, lease negotiations, and property management. Our brokerage services extend to warehouse spaces, distribution centers, and e-commerce fulfillment sites, offering 3PLs a competitive edge in their operations.

Our expertise in supply chain transformations and integrated logistics enables us to offer unique commercial property solutions that are responsive to the ever-changing trends in e-commerce and omnichannel retail. Whether it's unlocking sustainable real estate value in cold storage and food facility environments or reworking supply chains to keep up with retail's evolution, CBRE brings more to the table for 3PLs.

CBRE remains committed to enhancing the efficiency of 3PLs, offering commercial property financing options, zoning regulations guidance, and even technology solutions tailored to the needs of logistics companies. Want to leverage CBRE's real estate advisory and experience the best brokerage services for supply chain companies? Visit the website.


As one of the top brokers for 3PLs, Growe stands as a distinguished name in the realm of commercial real estate for logistics companies. Growe's exclusive focus on 3PLs means they provide unparalleled attention to the unique needs of these companies, working tirelessly to ensure the most beneficial commercial real estate transactions. They handle the challenges of commercial property leasing, negotiations, acquisitions, and more, ensuring that 3PLs can fully focus on their core business.

Growe's team of real estate experts for logistics also serves as brokerage firms for 3PLs, helping them navigate the complex market and secure the best deals for warehouse spaces, distribution centers, and more. Their services span from tenant representation, market research, and site selection, to lease negotiation, showcasing their comprehensive approach to real estate strategies for 3PLs.

Beyond brokerage, they also provide leads for free, offering real estate solutions that not only consider the present, but also plan for future expansion. This reflects Growe's commitment to the growth of their clients, embracing the philosophy that they only grow when their 3PL clients do. Find out more about their offerings at their website here.


Cresa logo - landscape | Inspiring Workspaces by BOS

Cresa, the world's most trusted occupier-centric commercial real estate firm, is a top-rated commercial broker for 3PLs (Third-Party Logistics). Specializing in the delivery of fully integrated real estate solutions, Cresa's advisors are industry experts skilled in optimizing 3PL networks from Points A to Z.

Understanding that supply chain and real estate are two sides of the same coin, Cresa works to increase performance and value for logistics companies. Their services include technology integration, workforce and performance analysis, site selection, facility design, supply chain strategy, transportation analysis, and tax structuring.

Real estate strategies are expertly crafted to align with your objectives and resources, ensuring that supply chains don't get bottlenecked. By sourcing data, developing inputs, and modeling them into their technology, Cresa uncovers business insights and identifies hidden challenges. These insights are then used to model a supply strategy plan that not only saves costs but also boosts performance.

For 3PLs looking for the best brokers to navigate commercial property acquisitions, leasing solutions, real estate market analysis, and more, Cresa is your go-to partner. Visit their website here to learn more about their offerings.


In a sector where business efficiency depends on the optimal utilization of physical spaces, understanding the complex landscape of commercial real estate is crucial for 3PLs. From commercial property evaluations, lease negotiations, site selection, to real estate risk management, these elements play a vital role in the logistics industry.

The real estate firms discussed—JLL, CBRE, Growe, and Cresa—are industry leaders known for their tailored services for 3PLs, covering all aspects of commercial property transactions. By ensuring due diligence, offering commercial property listings, and even aiding in commercial property relocations, these top brokers make the complex process of managing real estate in logistics straightforward and efficient.

Choosing a broker that aligns with your specific needs can transform your logistics operations, making them more efficient, cost-effective, and flexible. It’s all about finding the right partnership that will not only support your present needs but also accommodate your future commercial property expansions. As the logistics industry continues to evolve, partnering with the right real estate firm can provide you with a competitive edge in this dynamic marketplace.

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