An Inside Look at GoBolt's Journey to Revolutionizing Sustainable Logistics

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Joe Spisak


March 18, 2024


March 18, 2024

Explore GoBolt's journey from a university startup to a leader in sustainable logistics, revolutionizing the supply chain industry.
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Today, we're delving into the fascinating journey of GoBolt, a trailblazing company in the logistics industry. In an exclusive interview with, Mark Ang, GoBolt's co-founder and CEO, shares his insights and experiences. From humble university startup beginnings to becoming a leader in sustainable supply chain solutions, this is GoBolt’s story.

GoBolt Electric Vehicle truck used for environmentally friendly final mile delivery

The Genesis of GoBolt

The idea for GoBolt germinated at the University of Toronto, where Mark Ang and Heindrik Bernabe transformed a simple valet consumer storage service into something much bigger. Faced with a critical partner backing out during their finals, the duo took matters into their own hands. This challenge sparked a passion for providing exceptional service under any circumstances.

Transitioning from consumer storage to a B2B model, GoBolt placed sustainability at its core. This shift was pivotal, propelling the company toward a larger goal - establishing the world's largest sustainable supply chain network.

The Evolution and Launch

Initially, GoBolt catered to a diverse range of clients, including small businesses and renowned brands, for their storage and logistics needs. Gradually, they shifted focus to exclusively cater to businesses, developing tailored fulfillment and last-mile delivery solutions.

Mark Ang emphasizes the importance of being selective with partnerships, ensuring a mutual fit for long-term success. GoBolt's growth was organic, transitioning from heavy reliance on paid ads to a word-of-mouth reputation bolstered by their visible presence in communities.

Current State and Future Outlook

GoBolt now boasts a presence in over 10 major North American cities with an extensive warehouse space and a growing fleet of electric vehicles. Future plans include expanding their last-mile delivery services and warehouse footprint, focusing on larger merchants and enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of their operations.

Lessons and Growth

The journey hasn’t been without its challenges. GoBolt had to continuously adapt its team structure to suit evolving needs. Mark underscores the importance of differentiating team members based on their roles in fostering change, building processes, and executing them.

He also highlights the non-linear complexity of logistics management as GoBolt expanded, stressing the necessity of keeping pace with this growth and maintaining a positive, solution-focused mindset.

Tools and Influences

GoBolt relies heavily on in-house technology for its operations, alongside tools like Superhuman for email efficiency and Salesforce for customer relationship management. Mark Ang recommends "The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene and the "All-In" podcast for insights into business and economics.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Mark Ang advises new entrepreneurs to embrace the ebbs and flows of time management and business evolution. He emphasizes the importance of team alignment with company goals and the need for adaptability in the face of inevitable business transformations.

Hiring and More Information

While GoBolt is currently well-staffed, they anticipate expanding their business development and marketing teams in the near future. Interested candidates can keep an eye on GoBolt’s careers page for opportunities.

To learn more about GoBolt and their innovative approach to logistics, visit their website at and connect with them on LinkedIn at

Table of Contents

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