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March 18, 2024


March 18, 2024

Add a best-in-class international shipping to your 3PL warehouse service offering to offer a more reliable AND more affordable shipping solution.
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Partner with FlavorCloud for Cross-Border Success

Expanding your 3PL warehouse services to include a best-in-class international shipping solution is vital to meet evolving merchant needs and tap into the immense potential of cross-border e-commerce. Adopting a global approach and making it easy to execute by leveraging a partner to help your business navigate the deep complexities of international shipping for your merchants is crucial. By emphasizing the importance of international growth, 3PLs can stay competitive, provide comprehensive DDP and DDU logistics solutions on a global scale, and unlock new revenue. Don't limit yourself to domestic borders when you can go global and thrive. 

Why 3PLs Must Think Globally

The global B2C and B2B cross-border ecommerce market is booming, projected to increase from 785 billion USD in 2021 to a staggering 7.9 trillion USD by 2030—a remarkable 1011% increase. 

Cross-border sales vary depending on industry and county. Still, studies indicate 28% of US online shoppers have purchased clothing and apparel from overseas companies, and 15% of US digital shoppers have used cross-border ecommerce to buy toys or hobby products. 

Ecommerce businesses actively seek opportunities to expand internationally and seize a share of this market growth. As a 3PL, you play a pivotal role in helping merchants add international shipping capabilities to their stores, allowing them to tap into new pockets of growth. By offering global fulfillment solutions, you can attract more merchants, boost conversions, reduce client churn, and generate revenue from optimized international shipping rates. Going global with your 3PL services opens up a world of possibilities for growth and success. Simply put—when your clients grow, you grow.

Ramifications of Getting it Wrong

When it comes to international shipping, doing it wrong or mediocrely can have significant ramifications for you and your merchants.

  • Legal and Financial Risks: Poorly managed international shipping exposes your clients to legal and financial risks. Inaccurate customs documentation, non-compliance with regulations, and unexpected fees can lead to delays, penalties, and potential loss of business.
  • Operational Inefficiencies: Handling multiple carrier relationships, ensuring compliance, and managing all aspects of international shipping can be operationally complex and time-consuming. Mediocre shipping practices can result in inefficiencies, delays, and a negative impact on customer experience.
  • Missed Growth Opportunities: Failing to provide seamless international shipping solutions means missing out on potential growth opportunities. Merchants may   for alternative 3PL providers who can offer a comprehensive global shipping infrastructure, putting your business at a competitive disadvantage.

The question then presents, how do you provide seamless end-to-end logistics solutions and create a competitive advantage when offering international shipping?

Global Options for 3PLs

International shipping introduces complexities that require careful consideration when expanding globally. Choosing the right cross-border partner is crucial for seamless cross-border operations and, ultimately, your success. 


Some 3PLs opt for a self-serve solution, allowing merchants to bring their own carriers, negotiate their fees with preferred carriers, and utilize their existing duty and tax calculators. However, relying solely on a self-serve solution may lack the comprehensive services and carrier network needed for efficient cross-border operations. Managing multiple carrier relationships, ensuring compliance, and handling all aspects of international shipping can be operationally complex, time-consuming, and expose your clients to a surprising amount of legal and financial risk when done poorly. 

Single-Carrier Partner

Partnering with a single-carrier provider simplifies operations but can limit flexibility and carrier options, leading to higher rates. It does not offer the breadth of carrier options required to meet the diverse needs of merchants, and depending on the specific carrier, service levels, shipping lanes, and scalability, may be limited. Additionally, working with a single carrier means you are also responsible for all compliance-related activity. This can hinder your ability to accommodate different customer preferences and market demands, especially as your business grows.

Multi-Carrier Partner

 offers a multi-carrier routing engine that provides 4 different service levels that can be tailored to the merchant for optimal international growth by providing lowest costs and optimal reach and fit. With the world's largest carrier network, FlavorCloud empowers 3PLs to provide their customers with a wide range of carrier options, service levels, terms of trade, and support for DTC and B2B shipments. By , 3PLs gain access to an extensive global network of carriers AI optimized for each route based on performance all the way through customs clearance, offering resilience and redundancy that is essential for international success . 

One of the key advantages of FlavorCloud’s 300+ multi-carrier network is the ability to offer competitive international rates allowing 3PLs to increase profitability while providing cost-effective shipping to merchants. This flexibility in pricing allows 3PLs to meet the unique needs of their merchants and cater to different market segments.

Automated Global Trade Compliance

Global trade compliance is a critical component to cross border shipping success and reducing risks for the merchants as well as the 3PL as a facilitator of international trade. 3PLs become responsible to ensure merchants are able to comply with regulatory restrictions in customs and country specific trade restrictions and regulations, in a fluid regulatory environment. Partnering with FlavorCloud, let’s you automate trade compliance from product classification to automation of clearance for exports and imports into each destination country using FlavorCloud’s extensive customs network, while saving costs for the merchant on compliance. As Importer of Record (IOR) on behalf of the merchants, FlavorCloud ensures seamless compliance and protects your business and merchants from legal consequences, delays, and financial risks. Our expertise and comprehensive solutions enable you to navigate complex international regulations and provide a hassle-free customer experience. 

Why do FlavorCloud Partners Succeed?

FlavorCloud partners experience a range of benefits that drive their cross-border success. With the world's largest carrier network, 3PLs gain access to an extensive network of global carriers, ensuring optimal delivery times and cost reduction. 

FlavorCloud stands out from the competition by offering a unique set of advantages that make us the preferred choice for 3PLs to serve their merchants:

  • Importer of Record: As your Importer of Record, FlavorCloud assumes the responsibility for customs compliance, duty, and tax calculation, reducing the legal and financial risks associated with international shipping. This allows you and your merchants to focus on core business operations.

  • Multi-Carrier Partnership: With the world's largest carrier network, FlavorCloud empowers 3PLs to provide their customers with a wide range of carrier options, service levels, and terms of trade. Our expansive network opens new shipping lanes and expands your reach to customers worldwide.

  • Comprehensive Managed Service: FlavorCloud's comprehensive and automated cross-border managed service takes care of complex processes, reducing refused/returned shipments and minimizing loss/damage rates. Our Plug & Play

Merchant Success 

The success of FlavorCloud’s capabilities is exemplified by Loop & Tie, who saw significant improvements in label costs, customer complaints, order volume, and order value after implementing FlavorCloud's seamless international shipping solution.

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Partner Success 

FlavorCloud’s partnership with ShipBob has been a resounding success, enabling smooth international shipping, fast and reliable delivery options, automated customs clearance, and accurate landed cost calculations. This collaboration seamlessly integrated across 30+ ShipBob warehouses in 6 countries, providing two terms of trade and service levels. With FlavorCloud's comprehensive cross-border shipping platform and ShipBob's exceptional fulfillment services, businesses can achieve remarkable success in the global ecommerce arena.

Unlock New Opportunities with FlavorCloud

Partnering with FlavorCloud opens doors to global expansion for 3PLs. Dozens of 3PLs on Fulfill's 3PL Directory trust FlavorCloud with their international delivery. With their extensive carrier network, comprehensive cross-border managed service, and fast Plug & Play APIs, they empower 3PLs to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. FlavorCloud is the all-in-one international solution with white glove partner service. Take the next step towards cross-border success and unlock new opportunities in the global marketplace with FlavorCloud. Contact FC at partners@flavorcloud.com to discuss your international fulfillment needs and discover how FlavorCloud can elevate. Let them know that you found them through our team at Fulfill and you may even get a friends and family discount 😉.

Table of Contents

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