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The rapid growth of e-commerce has pushed the need for efficient and cost-effective warehousing and fulfillment services to the forefront of business operations. Among the various cities in the United States, Savannah, Georgia, stands out as an ideal location for establishing your warehouse or fulfillment center. With extensive transportation modes including ports, airways, and major highways, it offers a strategic advantage for your business, ensuring fast and easy routes for reaching a significant part of the U.S. population.

Whether you are looking for warehousing services or distribution centers near you, Savannah provides a compelling option with a range of benefits. But how do you find the right warehouse or fulfillment center in Savannah? How much would it cost? Let's dive in.

Understanding the Benefits of Warehousing in Savannah

Firstly, let's understand why Savannah makes a great choice for your warehousing and fulfillment needs. One of the key advantages lies in Savannah's extensive highway systems. With three major highways - I-95, I-85, and I-75 - running through the city, over 80% of the U.S. market is accessible by truck. This allows for rapid transportation of goods to neighboring states and other regions of the U.S., making Savannah an optimal location for reaching a large number of customers.

Furthermore, the Savannah River offers a fantastic opportunity for international shipping and connection to other regions through the Atlantic. The Port of Savannah, which is the fastest-growing exporter in the United States, is located at the mouth of the river. It ranks fourth nationally in total volume and second in container exports. With 40 steamship lines in operation, this port ensures quicker transportation times and lower shipping and freight costs, especially compared to more popular eastern U.S. ports facing port congestion.

Moreover, Savannah also offers access to major railways and the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, further enhancing its logistic capabilities. This airport is Georgia’s second busiest and has a direct connection to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, making it a fantastic asset for maintaining global relations.

Finding the Right Warehouse or Fulfillment Center in Savannah

Now, let's move onto finding the right warehouse or fulfillment center for your business in Savannah. Doing a simple online search for terms like "warehouses near me" or "distribution center near me" may yield results that are biased towards companies that pay to be listed or ranked highly. To avoid this pitfall, it is crucial to thoroughly screen potential companies offering warehousing and fulfillment services.

Key factors to consider when vetting warehouses include the number of customers they serve, years in business, customer retention rate, annual order volume, and accuracy rates for orders, shipping, and inventory. With many years of industry experience, we understand the degree of involvement a business of any size requires and can help you find a full-service warehouse or fulfillment company in Savannah that will work well with your business.

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A Look at the Warehousing Landscape in Savannah

With the importance of location in mind, it's helpful to understand the warehousing landscape in Savannah. According to the Savannah Economic Development Authority, there are 3 million square feet of warehouse space within 30 miles of the Port of Savannah and 1.4 million square feet with adjacent railways. Additionally, there are 377 warehouses in Savannah, presenting a wide range of options for businesses seeking to move their operations to the city.

Whether you're looking for pallet storage, warehouse pallet services, or a warehouse for sale, Savannah offers a multitude of options to suit your needs.

Understanding the Costs

Understanding the costs associated with warehousing and fulfillment services is crucial to making an informed decision. Costs can vary based on the state and specific companies, making it difficult to present a set fee. Usually, a 3PL or fulfillment company provides fees for all services provided to your business, as well as the cost of setting up operations in their warehouse.

These costs are itemized in an invoice presented to your business at the end of each month. The main fees you will encounter include initial set-up fees, receiving fees, storage fees, fulfillment or “pick and pack” fees, shipping fees, returns fees, and other miscellaneous fees. It's also important to consider warehousing costs and warehousing services pricing when calculating your overall expenditure.

Furthermore, if you're looking to understand the costs associated with 3PL services, a 3PL cost calculator can be a handy tool to estimate your expenses.


As you can see, Savannah offers a compelling case for businesses looking for efficient and cost-effective warehousing and fulfillment services. With its strategic location, extensive transportation network, and a plethora of warehouses, it's an excellent option for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you're a small business owner looking for fulfillment companies near you or a large corporation seeking the best fulfillment centers, Savannah has something for everyone. It's time to take your business to the next level with Savannah's warehousing and fulfillment capabilities.

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