The 2024 Best Maryland 3PL Companies

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March 18, 2024


March 18, 2024

Discover Maryland's top 3PL providers and how their unique services can drive growth and efficiency in your business operations.
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Maryland, strategically positioned on the East Coast with its bustling Port of Baltimore and proximity to major urban centers like Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, is a critical hub for logistics and trade. The state benefits from an advanced transportation network, including significant highways, railways, and airports, facilitating efficient domestic and international commerce. Maryland's diverse economy, spanning sectors such as biotechnology, manufacturing, and services, is bolstered by a skilled workforce and innovation-driven business environment.

In identifying Maryland's top 3PL providers, we highlight firms known for their:

  • Comprehensive Logistics Services: Tailored to meet the diverse needs of Maryland's industries, offering efficient, reliable supply chain solutions.
  • Technological Sophistication: Utilizing the latest in logistics technology to provide clients with seamless, transparent operations.

These selected 3PL companies in Maryland exemplify excellence in logistics, enabling businesses to thrive in a competitive global marketplace this 2024.

Congratulations to our 2024 Maryland gold medal recipients. Need a 3PL solution? Use the free 3PL Finder service by Fulfill.


Prep2Ship specializes in Amazon FBA Prep, Merchant Fulfillment, and Storage Services, catering to clients engaged in Amazon and broader E-Commerce markets. Their dedication to enhancing E-Commerce businesses by managing the fulfillment process reflects in the quality and range of services they offer.

Key Highlights:

  • FBA Prep Services: Prep2Ship excels in all aspects of FBA preparation, including receiving, sorting, inspection, FNSKU labeling, sticker removal, and packaging with polybags, bubble wrap, or shipping boxes, along with custom bundling, kitting, and multipack services.
  • E-commerce Fulfillment & FBM: They offer both B2B and B2C order fulfillment, ensuring products ordered on Amazon are shipped directly from the warehouse, supported by real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting accessible from any device.
  • Efficient Warehousing and Storage: Prep2Ship's warehousing solutions include container unloading, both short and long-term storage, inspection, quality control, carton and pallet forwarding, and detailed inventory management.

Prep2Ship stands out as a dynamic partner for E-Commerce businesses looking to optimize their fulfillment process. Their passion for innovation and customer satisfaction, coupled with a broad spectrum of services tailored for Amazon sellers and online merchants, positions them as a key facilitator of growth and efficiency in the E-Commerce landscape.


EZDC, has over 40 years of collective experience in wholesale distribution, focuses on simplifying the logistics process for emerging brands, enabling them to scale rapidly without the burdens of high order minimums that many national 3PLs impose. Positioned in central Kentucky with a new location in Maryland, EZDC offers strategic nationwide distribution advantages.

Key Highlights:

  • Accessible to Small and Emerging Brands: Unlike many national 3PLs requiring high monthly order volumes, EZDC opens its doors to startups and smaller companies, offering them the opportunity to compete more effectively in the e-commerce space.
  • Nationwide Distribution: With facilities in central Kentucky and Maryland, EZDC is perfectly located for cost-effective, nationwide distribution, helping brands to reach their customers more efficiently.
  • Comprehensive Logistics Solutions: From warehousing and shipping to handling complex omnichannel fulfillment needs, EZDC alleviates the need for businesses to invest in physical infrastructure or manage logistics staff, allowing them to focus on product development and market expansion.

EZDC stands as a beacon for growing brands in the competitive e-commerce landscape, providing tailored logistics and fulfillment solutions that address the unique challenges faced by startups and small companies. Their commitment to accessibility, combined with strategic locations for nationwide distribution, empowers brands to enhance service levels, reduce costs, and focus on core business growth strategies.

Falcon Express Transportation, Inc.

Falcon Express Transportation (FXT) has been a prominent courier, delivery, transportation, and final mile logistics provider in the Mid Atlantic region. Leveraging seasoned leadership and advanced technology, FXT offers cost-effective regional distribution and warehousing solutions that prioritize superior service levels.

Key Highlights:

  • Industry Leadership: With a history dating back to 1981, FXT's growth is propelled by experienced management and a commitment to utilizing the latest technologies in the transportation industry.
  • Flexible and Customer-Centric Solutions: FXT stands out for its ability to adapt to the unique needs of its customers, offering a personalized approach that sets it apart from national service providers.
  • Reliability Under Pressure: Known for its expertise in the Mid Atlantic region, FXT has a track record of delivering exceptional service levels, even in challenging conditions.

Falcon Express Transportation (FXT) is a trusted name in the Mid Atlantic for comprehensive courier and logistics services. Their customer-focused approach, combined with a deep understanding of the region and a dedication to technology and efficiency, ensures that businesses of any size can rely on FXT for their distribution and warehousing needs. FXT's ability to consistently exceed expectations underlines its role as a key player in the region's logistics landscape.

Cold Chain 3PL

Cold Chain 3PL leads in e-commerce fulfillment, specializing in the storage, distribution, and shipping of dry, fresh, and frozen goods throughout the greater Chicago area. With 20 years of industry experience, they are committed to delivering fresh products to customers reliably and efficiently.

Key Highlights:

  • Specialized Cold Storage Solutions: Leveraging modern facilities and technology, Cold Chain 3PL ensures proper storage conditions for all types of cold goods, maintaining their quality and safety.
  • Optimized Third-Party Logistics: Their systems are designed to streamline workflows, offering significant reductions in shipping costs by 10-40%, ensuring competitive rates for frozen fulfillment services.
  • Frozen Fulfillment Services: From frozen and cold FTL (Full Truckload) and LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight to specialized frozen fulfillment services, they provide a range of shipping methods to meet business needs.
  • Nationwide Service: With facilities in central Chicago, west coast Pacoima, CA, and east coast Baltimore, MD, Cold Chain 3PL offers nationwide coverage, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of perishable goods.

Cold Chain 3PL stands out as a dedicated and experienced provider of cold chain logistics solutions for e-commerce brands. With a focus on optimizing cold storage and logistics systems, Cold Chain 3PL ensures that businesses can achieve cost savings while delivering their products to customers in optimal condition.

3PLogistx, LLC

3PLogistx specializes in easing the logistical burdens for Amazon FBA sellers and e-commerce businesses. By offering comprehensive warehouse and shipping operations without monthly fees, they enable sellers to focus on sales and business growth. As FBA sellers and specialists themselves, they bring invaluable insights into navigating Amazon’s requirements and optimizing customer satisfaction.

Key Highlights:

  • End-to-End Logistics Solutions: From receiving and unpacking shipments to inspection, prep services, repackaging, and labeling, 3PLogistx covers every step to ensure your products are Amazon-ready.
  • Fast and Professional Shipping: Their warehouse processes and ships orders typically within 24 hours, strategically located to reach domestic customers swiftly.
  • Competitive Pricing without Monthly Fees: 3PLogistx offers their expert services and comprehensive customer support at competitive prices, all without the burden of monthly fees, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.
  • Warehousing and Inventory Management: They provide a range of services including warehousing, inventory storage, management, shipping, distribution, and local delivery, catering to the unique needs of e-commerce businesses.

3PLogistx positions itself as a crucial partner for e-commerce sellers, particularly those utilizing Amazon FBA, by offering a complete and dependable logistics solution. 3PLogistx ensures that businesses can confidently delegate their logistical tasks, focusing instead on sales, marketing, and growth strategies.


CDS LOGISTICS specializes in the secure transportation of big and bulky products, focusing on the crucial last mile of delivery across the United States. With an emphasis on innovative technology and creative problem-solving, CDS is dedicated to ensuring timely deliveries that meet the high expectations of both their clients and the end consumers.

Key Highlights:

  • Customer-Focused Delivery Service: CDS LOGISTICS is committed to enhancing the delivery experience, featuring friendly, uniformed drivers trained to act as an extension of your business, ensuring a positive interaction with your customers.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Through their own facilities and an extensive network of agents, CDS offers customized logistics solutions for high-value, difficult-to-deliver items across the continental U.S.
  • Technology-Driven Efficiency: A substantial investment in technology infrastructure allows CDS to provide clients with valuable, real-time information throughout the delivery process, optimizing logistics and customer satisfaction.

CDS LOGISTICS stands out as a leader in last mile delivery services, particularly for bulky and high-value products. With nationwide coverage and a focus on creating positive customer experiences, CDS ensures that both their clients and the end consumers are satisfied with each delivery, thereby strengthening brand loyalty and consumer trust.

Securing Quotes from Top 3PL Providers in Maryland

To obtain precise quotes from 3PL providers in Maryland, it's critical to provide them with detailed information about your inventory. This should include specifics on the dimensions and weight of your items, the variety of SKUs you offer, the distribution of your customer base across different locations, and any unique packaging requirements.

Although numerous 3PL firms in Maryland offer the option to request quotes through their websites, identifying the logistics partner that aligns with your particular requirements often involves contacting a range of companies, which can turn into a thorough and time-intensive endeavor.

To ease this process and eliminate any upfront costs, check out Fulfill 3PL Finder can provide valuable assistance in beginning your search for the ideal logistics partner.

Discover a list of leading 3PL companies in Maryland by visiting: Top eCommerce Fulfillment Companies by Fulfill.

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