The Top 3PLs in South Dakota and How Bridges the Gap

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Carissa Throckmorton


August 18, 2023


May 15, 2023

Explore top South Dakota warehouse solutions for unique storage, logistics, and fulfillment needs for your business

When it comes to running a successful e-commerce brand, efficient logistics is a critical component. This is where third-party logistics providers (3PLs) come into play, offering vital services like storage, shipping, and light manufacturing. For businesses in South Dakota, there are a couple of standout 3PLs worth considering: Nordica Warehouses, Inc. and Dakota Warehouse. But, how does fit into this picture? Let's delve into the details.

1. Nordica Warehouses, Inc.

Located in Sioux Falls, Nordica Warehouses, Inc. offers highly customized storage solutions for commercial, industrial, or personal use. They provide a range of tailored services from storage and shipping to processing and light manufacturing. Their capabilities stretch beyond the norm, offering multiple climate storage options, including cooler and freezer storage, and the capacity to handle various load sizes. As the foreign trade zone for South Dakota, Nordica Warehouses is continually expanding its storage space. Their specialty solutions include dry storage, air-conditioned storage, cooler storage, light manufacturing, and pick n pack services. Visit their website at for more details.

2. Dakota Warehouse

Headquartered in Rapid City, Dakota Warehouse prioritizes customer satisfaction. They provide a broad spectrum of services, including storage, shipping, processing, and light manufacturing. With the ability to cater to commercial, manufacturing, and industrial companies, their offerings include food-grade warehouse and storage options, such as dry, freezer, and cooler space. Dakota Warehouse leverages their significant buying power to provide better transportation options through load consolidation and backhaul opportunities. You can learn more about their services at

How Can Help

Choosing a 3PL can be a daunting task, with several factors to consider, from the size and weight of your items to the number of SKUs you sell, your customers' location, and your packaging requirements. This is where steps in. As a leading facilitator in the logistics and supply chain industry, simplifies the process of connecting e-commerce brands with suitable warehouses.

Instead of spending precious time contacting multiple 3PLs and comparing quotes, will streamline this process for you. Our mission is to help you find the right 3PL to match your specific needs, saving you time and ensuring a smooth operational flow for your e-commerce brand.


While finding the right 3PL can be a challenging process, it's a crucial step in your e-commerce journey. It's essential to provide as much detail as possible about your products to get an accurate quote from 3PLs. However, the process of contacting multiple 3PLs can be quite repetitive and time-consuming.

Want to skip the repetition? Get in touch with We'll help you start your search free of charge, connecting you with the best 3PLs like Nordica Warehouses, Inc. and Dakota Warehouse in South Dakota. Your journey towards efficient logistics and successful e-commerce operations starts here.

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