Cannabidiol (CBD) Products Fulfillment

Our network of fulfillment partners is specialized in handling CBD products like oils and gummies. We'll help you find a 3PL that can pick, pack, and ship your products for you.

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Finding a CBD Fulfillment Partner is Hard

It can be very challenging to find a 3PL to handle your CBD products. Many fulfillment companies are not aware of the new FDA regulations that were passed as part of the Agricultural Improvement Act (the “Farm Bill”) in 2018. The new law outlines which CBD products can be sold, depending on factors like whether they contain THC. Yet, state laws can complicate things and not all shipping carriers will allow CBD products to be shipped. All the more reason to choose a third-party fulfillment company that is well-versed in the laws surrounding CBD products.

How We Can Help

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Tell us about where you'll be shipping from, the products you sell, and your business goals.

2) We Begin Search

We search our network of hundreds of fulfillment partners to find ones matching your criteria.

3) You Pick a Partner

We present the options to you, introduce you to the partners, and guide you through the process of getting free quotes.

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Benefits of Using a CBD Fulfillment Partner

Focus on growing your business, not processing orders. Let your 3PL handle picking, packing, and shipping. The right partner can also efficiently handle returns, even doing quality inspection.

Faster delivery times. By selecting a partner that is strategically located, you can offer 2-day shipping to your customers.

Save on shipping costs. Most 3PLs offer deep discounts through USPS, Fedex, UPS, and DHL.

Lower your operating costs. Using a 3PL is often cheaper than buying a warehouse, renting equipment, and hiring staff. Also, you only pay for what you use. Most companies offer month-to-month contracts.

Custom branding. Many fulfillment companies offer custom packaging and branded packing slips.

Better technology integrations and inventory management. Most 3PLs integrate with Shopify, Amazon, Bigcommerce, Magento and other leading ecommerce platforms for order fulfillment.

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